What do deceptive corporate criminals and corrupt politicians have in common? Besides the obvious maintaining of their lies and rewriting of our laws to keep them out of prison?

For starters, they both prefer the Republican Party. The GOP — not just the Grand Obstructionist Party (of late), but the Gangster-Owned Politician party, the party that plays fast and loose with derivatives and other newfangled “meant-to-be-confusing” financial gambling tools such as “bundled sub-prime mortgages” and “credit default swaps.” The party that has made “deregulation” a household word trying to convince us (since the days of Reagan, the “Great Anti-law Lawman”) that regulations on business practices and personal investments are a bad thing, and has proven to us, once and for all, that deregulation is in fact the perfect crime!

Deregulation (at least the American version) makes suddenly legal that which was formerly illegal, thus turning corporate criminals and the mega-wealthy into corporate, well …donors to the Republican Party!

The same party that brought us the Boom/Bubble/BUSTS known as the Great Depression, the High Tech crash, the Enron energy futures scandal (that allowed them to install another actor in the governorship of California) now brings us the biggest “3B” of all — the housing crisis/banking crisis/Wall Street stock market crash.

Republicans are directly responsible for our country’s current economic problems, no matter how much these gamblers try to divert our attention away from the facts. The only thing they are correct about is how much further in debt we are going to be after the law-abiding citizen government of Barack Obama takes every emergency measure necessary to deal with the financial results of their financial crimes.

The Republicans are the ones who brought the entire world’s financial machinery to a grinding halt, who spent hundreds of billions of dollars (and still counting) on an illegal invasion of a country that never attacked us, who now have us mired in Afghanistan (after not capturing Bin Laden) and who gladly ran up our defense budgets every year for the past 30 years, to the point where America out-spends all the rest of the world combined, more than one-third of the entire annual federal budget actually, on exotic weapons systems and, of course, on the oil products consumed to keep our military on the go around the world.

Until our economy and defense spending get some serious re-regulating, until their Federal Reserve Bank (a private, for-profit cartel, not a government body) is federalized (along with a handful of our biggest banks), our debt will skyrocket and our banks will remain afraid to lend money to each other (and thus to individuals and businesses).

Until our new president and Congress are allowed to do whatever it takes to rescue our country and the world’s economy from certain ruin created by these arrogant bastard gamblers on Wall Street and elsewhere, we all need to be vigilant in holding the GOP responsible for our current situation.

The first thing we can do, is to pay them no credence whatsoever when they start whining about Obama’s and the Dems’ emergency spending plans to correct the massive problems that they’ve created over 30 years of Reaganomics and Deregulation.

Let Republicans try as best they can to act like this ain’t their fault. That Schwarzenegger wasn’t elected in a recall election caused when they gamed our energy futures market and created the energy crisis that they then blamed on Gray Davis.

That eight years of Republican rule under George W. Bush hasn’t brought our country to financial ruin and ruined our reputation as a decent country. That 30 years of payola to the American public in the form of defense contracts, hasn’t created a taxpayer-supported underclass of military socialists, skimming billions of dollars per year at the expense of our children’s education, critical infrastructure maintenance needs, etc.

And now they’re planning to blame everything on Obama and the Democrats?

R.I.P., GOP.

You’ll always be the Ganster-Owned Politician party to me.   

Justin Markman is a resident of Ventura.