Dear Mr. Moomjean,
I’m beginning to get a feel for the parameters of your political spectrum, and while far wider than Sarah Palin’s (11/25, Right Persuasion), your keeping to the old song that there’s a significant liberal presence in our governance or media is tiresome, even boring! Get real. Kucinich, Feingold and their like, or Newsweek and other so-called liberal media are window dressing to a moneyed elite who are not in the least threatened by their frilly presence, as our entrenched Daddy Warbuckses do what they want with either party! The liberal fringe is used, pure and simple!

I read in the L.A. Times a few days ago, “… a House committee last week voted to give U.S. regulators the power to preemptively break up large financial institutions that pose a grave threat to the financial stability or economy of the United States.” “Wow,” was my reflexive reaction — then reality sank in! Sounds good to the Times writer Jim Puzzanghera, perhaps, but the chances of that action going anywhere are zilch to zero! With Gates, Summers and Geithner and, yes, Obama in charge, it simply isn’t going to happen — yet you call Obama the liberals’ “savior”? Lord, you haven’t touched base with liberals lately have you? Do you even know who James H. Kunstler is?

We don’t have a people’s party in this country, and haven’t had, practically speaking, since Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Truman administration was a negatively defining period — I voted for Dewey, incidentally — and big money has increasingly had it’s will since.   

I’ve gone far afield of your defending Palin and Prejean — after all, allowing for a considerably stretched historical precedence, Edmund Burke, adviser to early American interests, admired and defended Marie Antoinette!

Duane Waln, Camarillo

Motorized bikes and bikes lanes
I just wanted to clarify a code section you mention in your article (News, 12/3) about Motorized Bicycles (MoPeds)
5. Riders can’t use bicycle lanes (VC 21207.5), due to the high rate of speed gas-powered can go versus human-powered.

VC 21207.5 states that mopeds can’t use bike paths or lanes unless they are adjacent to a roadway. Using the blanket statement that mopeds can’t use bicycle lanes is incorrect.  Typically, mopeds must use a bike lane along a roadway since cars are going at a much greater speed than the moped, even though the moped is going faster than a bike. If a moped is going down a roadway at 30 mph in a 35-55 speed limit zone, it must use the bike lane.
21207.5.  Notwithstanding Sections 21207 and 23127 of this code, or any other provision of law, no motorized bicycle may be operated on a bicycle path or trail, bikeway, bicycle lane established pursuant to Section 21207, equestrian trail, or hiking or recreational trail, unless it is within or adjacent to a roadway or unless the local authority or the governing body of a public agency having jurisdiction over such path or trail permits, by ordinance, such operation.

Jan Mendoza
Information Officer
Department of Motor Vehicles

Convergent validity and global warming
Were it not for the dire consequences and severe problems we will all face if humans cannot curb their use of fossil fuels, Mr. Moomjean’s article on global warming (12/10, Right Persuasion) would indeed be a humorous and clever piece. The absurd position he has staked out in his article is that we should throw out the entire textbook on global climate change due to a few inconsistencies or typos on one page.

What Mr. Moomjean fails to understand, and what many others are unfortunately unaware of, is that the theory of human-induced global warming is crawling with convergent validity. Convergent validity occurs when multiple diverse lines of scientific reasoning or investigation all lead to the same conclusion. When scientists see convergent validity, it gives them a high level of confidence in the value or utility of the theory.

Besides, we’ve all seen Mr.Moomjean before. He was that guy back in the ’70s who said because all the evidence did not support it, cigarettes must be unrelated to lung cancer. For any readers who are interested in learning more about the convergent validity of the theory of human-induced global warming, The Teaching Company offers an outstanding lecture set by Professor Richard Wolfson entitled Earth’s Changing Climate.

W.R. Pefley, Ph.D.