It’s time once again for the most infamous (and probably the only) annual event devoted to punk athleticism: the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival in Las Vegas. The bowling tournament and punk show has been and continues to be a destination for punks from all over the West Coast, including Ventura County, when it descends on a Las Vegas casino every year, draining bars dry and filling the halls with live bands. Now in its 12th year, having grown from a party thrown together in 1998 for record labels and bands, with only 27 bowling teams competing, the event currently includes 210 teams, 10 of which will represent the 805 area, including members of local punk bands T.B.C., Ill Repute, Tina’s Nightmare, Burning Tree Records and the 2008 Punk Rock Bowling champion team Bramlette Rock Photography.

“This is the year to go,” said Ill Repute guitarist Tony Cortez from Wagon Wheel Bowl in Oxnard, where the band has been warming up every Sunday at Nardcore Bowling. This year’s PRB has expanded the music aspect of the event with a 4,000 capacity outdoor amphitheater at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, and three full days of bands, including Oxnard’s hardcore forefathers Ill Repute, for the first time on the main stage, and fellow veterans Dr. Know alongside punk legends like D.R.I., The Adolescents, T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade (PRB founders), CH3, and the Dickies. Also performing are Against Me!, Hot Water Music and NOFX. You don’t have to be on a team to see the shows, so, punk rockers, bum a ride to Vegas. More info at

Easily one of the best of the newer generation of Oxnard hard core punk bands, Dogends played its last show to the dismay of many fans. With a new EP, Pure Hate, fresh off the presses on Flat Black Records, Dogends unexpectedly announced six days prior to their next Ventura show that it would be the final performance — this time for real. Fans packed the Ventura Vineyard, a church on Palma Drive in Ventura near where Alpine/Skatestreet used to be (and incidentally, a great place for a mosh pit), for the show that also featured Knife Fight, Dry-Rot, Nails and El Mariachi.

If you missed out on the pure thrash intensity of Dogends’ live show, you can tune into a three–part YouTube video that was captured from the band’s farewell set and see all the chaos first-hand. The split leaves the former members free for their other projects. Drummer Nigel Wellington also plays in the Ventura hard rock band Dirty Words, and other members have future plans in the punk arena.

At Take 2 in Ventura last weekend, the over-21 sector of the punk scene was busy checking out The Last Priority, Trial By Fury and one of the newer Oxnard hardcore bands, Shattered Badge (former members of Oxnard Skate Trash, The Last Priority, T.B.C. and The Antix) who are destined to have some instant nardcore classics with thrashers like “Nard Thai” and “Recruiter.” The three-piece has a high-energy, high-velocity sound and an energizing live show. No record release yet, but it’s definitely worth picking up a demo at one of the next shows.    

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