A worker for E.J Harrison & Sons, discovered on March 25 approximately $30,000 in an old mattress that was being thrown out. The money, which was stashed in a pillow case inside a rip in the mattress, was believed to be more than 50 years old.

“I started jumping for joy, and screaming at the top of my lungs,” said Rick Dinozo. Dinozo is a 40-year-old resident of Oxnard with a wife and eight children, and has worked for Harrison and Sons for 15 years.

“This money is going to change the rest of my life,” said Dinozo. The cash was found on a routine trash pickup in the middle of Oxnard. Dinozo got out of the truck to load the mattress in, and when he did, he noticed that there was a small rip in the bottom. He reached in, grabbed a pillow sack with what felt like a huge stash of paper, pulled it out, and immediately started pulling money out by the handful.

The owner of the mattress, Dan Davis, 53, threw it out, not knowing that it contained so much money.

“I mean, I never imagined there could be something like that in there. It was my grandmother’s and she never trusted banks because of the stock market crash, so I think she must’ve forgotten about it,” he said. Davis also added that he wished he had looked before throwing it out so quickly and thoughtlessly.

Harrison & Sons President Myra Harrison was shocked when she learned of her employee’s discovery.

“I would have never figured any one of our employees would come across something like this. However, he did find it, so legally it does belong to him,” Harrison said. “It kind of makes me want to start searching the dumps right now,” she added.

Dinozo said that he plans to use his money very quickly and accessorize his Buick Regal.

“I’m gonna get some 20-inch rims, a 15-inch subwoofer and a whole body kit. I think I’m also going to build a home theater system. My kids will have to sleep in the garage, but they like movies, so I’m sure they’ll love it,” said Dinozo.

The recent find has also sparked a quest for money and other valuables among workers for E.J. Harrison. Many have even been digging through trash cans and dumps on their days off, rummaging through pounds of refuse, hoping get a taste of the rich life.

Clifton Bergstrom from Camarillo has spent his days searching for his own fortune as well. “I guess one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure,” said Bergstrom.   

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