Power To Speak

Power To Speak

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your State Assemblymember for the past six years. Together, we have worked hard to make our community and state better places to live, work and raise our families. Before my election in 2004, at 56 years of age, I worked creating jobs for the long-term unemployed, operated a program for at-risk youth, prosecuted criminals, and practiced law in the private sector. The experiences I gained helped prepare me for public service.

One of the great pleasures of being your representative has been offering my constituents the help they need — whether it is making sure you get your unemployment check, obtaining a commercial driver’s license from DMV so you don’t lose your truck driving job, supporting a small business owner facing the Franchise Tax Board, getting state money to a local nonprofit so it can make payroll or just providing an ear in difficult times.

I am very proud of my legislative accomplishments. With your help, I have passed significant legislation on environmental protection, California’s emergency preparedness system, consumer protection, public safety, women’s issues, education and animal welfare. I have brought hundreds of millions of transportation dollars to the district for major road improvements. Through my Select Committee on California’s Green Economy, we are working on supporting and nurturing this growing sector and the jobs that come with that.

The Ventura County La Conchita tragedy occurred in my first week in office. Ten people lost their lives and 30 homes were destroyed. Learning from this tragedy, I successfully crafted legislation to reform and streamline the state’s emergency preparedness, response and recovery system by merging two departments into one agency, CalEMA (the California Emergency Management Agency), so that the state is more responsive to disasters. I was honored for my work by the American Red Cross’s California Chapter, which named me its first ever Legislator of the Year, and ProtectingAmerica.org, which gave me its American Hero award.

As a former prosecutor, I have seen families and communities devastated by crime. One of my proudest achievements has been working with Moe Dubois, whose daughter, Amber, was abducted and killed in San Diego. We passed legislation to enhance law enforcement training, response, coordination and data sharing when children go missing. I also authored important legislation protecting victims’ personal information from violent sexual predators.

For my efforts, I have been recognized by many respected statewide law enforcement organizations, including the California State Sheriffs’ Association as Outstanding Legislator in 2008 and 2009, the State Coalition of Probation Organizations, and the National Latino Peace Officers Association.

I have been your leader on environmental issues. Working with Audubon California and others, we passed a ban on the use of lead shot that now protects the endangered California condor from lead poisoning. In response to the spills of hundreds of thousands of gallons of polluted materials in Santa Barbara County by Greka Energy, I passed legislation to ensures that the state’s most egregious polluters are held accountable or shut down if they don’t meet minimum maintenance and pollution prevention standards. With a groundswell of support from a coalition of more than 100 environmental organizations from across the state, I was able to take the lead in stopping what would’ve been the first new offshore oil drilling off Santa Barbara’s coast since the 1969 oil spill, the Plains Exploration and Production Company deal. As a result, well-respected environmental organizations such as the California League of Conservation Voters, Environment California, the Planning and Conservation League and the Sierra Club have honored me.

As Chair of the Banking and Finance Committee, I fought for homeowners and consumers by introducing legislation to force banks to work with consumers to help prevent foreclosures. I assisted mobile home park residents by introducing a measure that would give them input and require any park owner wanting to convert a mobile home park into condominiums to include them in the process. I was recognized for these efforts by the Consumers Union, Congress of California Seniors, and was the Golden State Manufactured Homeowners League’s 2009 Legislator of the Year.

When low-income women were threatened with losing access to life-saving mammography because of state budget cuts, I stepped in to help rescue the Every Woman Counts program. I have also authored legislation to help school districts free up money locally and to help provide much-needed medical professionals through education programs.

As the proud owner of two rescue dogs, I authored a bill to stop puppy mill abuses. Working with the Humane Society and ASPCA, I am the only legislator to have successfully authored three animal welfare bills in one year: the

Responsible Breeder Act, the Dogfighting Prevention Act and the Animal Abuse Prevention Act.

I requested the formation of the newly formed Assembly Select Committee on California’s Green Economy and, as its chair, have held briefings in Ventura County and throughout California to gather information about successful California Green Economy endeavors in order to assist state and local governments in determining which policies will encourage investment and job creation in this emerging sector so we can put Californians back to work.

While much has been accomplished during the last six years, much work remains to be done. I will continue to be involved in the community and look forward to working with you to make it better. Again, thank you for placing your trust in me as your assemblymember. It has truly been an honor.   

Pedro Nava has represented the 35th Assembly District since his election in 2004. He presently serves as the chair of the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee, the Select Committee on California’s Green Economy, Vice Chair of the Emergency Management Committee, co-chair of the Legislative Animal Protection Caucus and is the Assembly representative on the Ocean Protection Council and the Governor’s Emergency Council.  He has also had the honor during his tenure, to have served as the chair of the Banking and Finance Committee, the Transportation Committee, the Joint Committee on Emergency Management and as the Assembly representative to the Little Hoover Commission.


Power To Speak

Power To Speak

Another question might be: If a cow rebrands itself, is it still a cow?

Still another question might be: If we dress a cow like King George, is it now an emperor?

The “Tea Party” has usurped, as weapon, our once sacred movement for the common man, and turned it against all Americans to favor THEIR kings, those corporate kings of oil and medical insurance, whom, the Tea Party really represents.

You know, those kings who lead us off to fight their dirty, crude little wars, while denying our troops and people health care at home. Meanwhile, the Tea Party thinks that, in name only, they are sacred untouchable cows; but are they really?

Well, don’t believe what I’ve been saying for months and months about the Tea Party; believe some authentic lifetime journalists who have a reputation for getting their facts straight before they stick out their necks against the most violent, corrupt institutions of our time — like, you got it, the Tea Party.

NPR — All Things Considered — announced last month that there now is irrefutable evidence that the Tea Party is directly connected to big oil and big medical insurance. No wonder Tea Partiers are paying for people like myself to be arrested for going to bat for single-payer healthcare. Their sacred cow, as it turns out, is not our Constitution, or even freedom or democracy. Nor is it the little guy. Their sacred cows are none other than big oil and big insurance.

They have an investment in medical insurance companies and don’t want udder people like myself to get a share of their interests. (Think of tea as medical insurance premiums or oil stocks, and you’ll get the idea). They have an investment in oil. So consider their stands against global warming, while protecting British Petroleum.

How does this fit into our history of a Tea Party? Well, it’s kind of like King George coming over to the U.S. and buying up minutemen to do his dirty work for him, so we’d still be enslaved by Britain. Of course, things back then did not have the PR finesse nor the technology (or money) they have today, so King George couldn’t pull off a PR campaign to have Americans know no better than to sell their souls down the river for cheap grazing land.

But in today’s world, with big brother, and big media, and big oil, war and insurance sponsoring everything we see on television, they can convince us to support the kings of America, and pay to prop up something called the Tea Party to dumb down America to do their bidding for them.

The Tea Party gets its funding from big oil and big insurance, so it is more than willing to pick up a musket or rallying cry, while being equally racist for ol’ times sakes — and do battle for these corporate kings who were once ousted and sent back to Britain — and paradoxically, who have a distinct history of being racists. (No wonder so much of America is being controlled by British Petroleum these days. Think about it!)

Meanwhile, what happens to our freedom? Hijacked by a fabricated oil war. What happens to our taxes? Bailouts for oil, war, banks, Wall Street and, yes, insurance companies, and hence taxation without representation. And still we pay and pay, so we are still in debt to big oil and big insurance, who keep us in their crude wars abroad, and on lifelines here at home (that we pay too dearly for).

They use the supposed little guy, those Tea Party minutemen, as their side show. Republicans who will always be repugnicans, who only know how to represent big business, who selfishly only give to those who already have, and definitely not to the majority of Americans, including those who don’t have anything (which is more and more of America nowadays, by the way).

Enter the black cow — the Tea Party. Anything but sacred, they are repugnican to the core, who bemoo big government while protecting big corporations.

Shame on them. Don’t they know that even if they rebrand themselves as populists, a cow is still a cow?
And certainly not sacred at that. Not by a long shot.   

Grant Marcus is an R.N., M.A., living in Ventura.






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