Tune in to any of the major TV networks lately, and you might see a new series of 30-second Ford Explorer commercials. You know, the ones with a group of outdoorsy, roadtrippin’ young adults happily poking around on an in-dash touch screen while blissfully ignoring the road and the hungry brown bear trying to break in? You might have guessed right away that the harp music in the background is by none other than Ventura’s Rey Fresco, members of which are also shown in the ad briefly, playing their instruments from an undisclosed desert locale. It has been a trend for some time that the auto companies just can’t get enough of those pretty, upbeat, acoustic string-driven melodies that only independent musicians can provide, as they sell the carefree lifestyles only attained by ownership of a new car, but the artists can get great national exposure opportunities for their music as a result. Just a couple of years ago, Ojai singer-songwriter Emy Reynolds landed one of her songs on a 30-second spot for the 2008 Chevy Traverse. Now if only they would just credit the band somewhere, anywhere, during the ad.

Almost two months after wrapping her first music video, a local favorite, Delaney Gibson, and local up-and-coming, award-winning music video director Travis Mauck, will unveil the final product at a public premiere screening Feb. 3 at Zoey’s Café. The video for the song “La Di Da” was filmed on location in downtown Ventura and features some familiar settings, including the bar and stage at Zoey’s and a choreographed dance number at Mission Park. Next stop, MTV?

The screening will be followed by live performances by Gibson and Joshua Bartholomew.

To honor the release of its debut CD, Haruspication, Ventura technical deathmetal band Crypt Infection (ex-Encoma and -Butchery) cut through the fog at The Garage last Saturday with what could only be a buzz saw from hell cutting through steel. Thunderous machine-gun-fire-blast beats by drummer Jeremiah Taylor, razor-sharp guitar shredding and an arresting and truly terrifying onstage presence by vocalist Ken May kept eyes and ears fixated as if witnessing the apocalypse in the flesh. Some may also recognize ultratalented lead guitarist Joe Billingiere from the local hard rock band Night Owl. Though a relatively secluded location, The Garage (previously known as DJ’s Sports Bar and Pub) in East Ventura, has a reputation for hosting some of the best metal lineups in the area at its free, 21-and-up shows.

If you’re punk and feel like going out on a Wednesday, check out a cheap all-ages punk show in Ventura (no, really) at Zoey’s on Jan. 26 with Oxnard’s Stop Breathing (ex-Missing 23rd), Suburban Moms (ex-Dogends), and the Pullmen, along with Denver’s Git Some (from Jello Biafra’s label, Alternative Tentacles). This will be awesome. Big props should go to Zoey’s for stepping up and offering its much-needed, full-service (they have a bar), all-ages venue for punk, metal and the eclectic variety of bands that Ventura County offers, while keeping its rep intact for hosting the lighter fare. There aren’t too many places where you can (if so inclined) catch singer-songwriter Shane Alexander and his acoustic guitar over dinner with your kids and then two hours later, join a mosh pit with Radio Threat and a PBR in hand.

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