I too am saddened at American society’s strange aversion to love and the natural human form … expressions of love, tenderness, and — yes — sex. (Re: Editor’s note, 7-7, “U.S. Supreme Court condones youth violence?”) What transforms this aversion into a sick perversion is the American addiction to, and near-worship of, violence. We wonder why our children eagerly embrace violence, bully one another, and suffer from an ever-expanding variety of so-called mental illnesses (ADD, and other expressions of resistance to authoritarianism). I mean, haven’t most parents (as they learned from their parents) taught their children by the time they’re 3 or 4 not to steal, hit, lie, threaten or disrespect others? How is it that things have become so twisted and confused? I wonder if it could be the incredibly hypocritical tendency of adults to teach one thing to children while simultaneously doing the exact opposite?

We preach “do not steal” while advocating for massive extortion in the form of coerced taxation in order to fund government programs. We say “don’t hit others” while at the same time lionizing, supporting and participating in a political system (Bush, Obama, Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal — doesn’t seem to matter who controls it), that instigates wars that kill millions of innocent people. We extol honesty as a virtue — “Don’t lie, now, kiddies” — while routinely holding up as leaders/heroes the worst, most pathologically lying and corrupt species of soulless humans in the world (Bush, Obama, mostly any and all politicians). We drill into our kids, “Don’t threaten or bully others,” while threatening and bullying them into a system of coerced schooling for 12 of their most preciously formative years — and also by threatening and bullying adults into paying for this coercive government program. We preach “tolerance and respect” for others to our youth — even or especially if they’re different from us — while we’re at each others’ throats via the political domination system of “democracy” that pits old against young, rich against poor, working against non-working, black against white, man against woman, worker against business owner, straight against gay, religious against atheist, and just about any other combination one can think of. Politicians involved in sex scandals get run out of town on a rail while those who initiate destructive wars get monuments built in their honor. America has the highest incarceration (which is a polite way of saying locking human beings in cages like they’re animals) rate in the world. So much for “tolerance,” eh? And then we have the galling nerve to wonder where kids get the idea that violence is good?  Please!

The truth of the matter is that our society is organized under the principle that violence is the moral and preferred way of addressing human-to-human relations. No one wants to admit this or look too closely at what the evil system of authoritarian “democracy” actually entails:  Do what we say or we’ll kill you.  Ultimately, this is the underlying principle of every law and every “well-intentioned” do-gooder who lobbies government to “do something.” And no one better dare respond with “Well, this is our system. If you don’t like it, work for change within it or leave.”  The enslavement of people from Africa, the second-class status of women, the genocide of the Native American and Jewish peoples … all were rationalized with this same kind of crap. The violence in our system is mostly implicit, but make no mistake, it’s there. If you doubt me, try not paying taxes or not adhering to any of the gazillion laws or regulations on the books; in other words, act like a free human being and experience the terrible wrath of your masters. Remember: It was the uppity slave who was whipped, the runaway slave whose life was threatened. The enemy was the slave who had the courage to say “I AM NOT A SLAVE.” The tragic thing now, as then, is the tendency of the oppressed to fight each other instead of the oppressors, to actually admire/worship the oppressors and persecute their brothers and sisters who have the courage to point out the truth.

 “I freed thousands of slaves, and could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”

–Harriet Tubman    
Shane Solano is a vocal Libertarian and lives in the city of Ventura.