1st Place
Logan Osland Chiropractic
4561 Market St.,Suite C., Ventura

2nd Place
Wilson Chiropractic and
Sports Medicine
2000 E. Main St., Ventura

3rd Place
Dr. Sharon Macdonald @
Vitality Chiropractic
4080 Loma Vista Road, Suite H, Ventura

Cosmetic surgeon

1st Place
Dr. Michael Pickart @
Pickart Plastic Surgery
1746 S. Victoria Ave., Suite 250, Ventura

2nd Place
Dr. William Starr @
Anacapa Surgical Associates
3180 Loma Vista Road, Ventura

3rd Place
Dr. Sam Bern @
Ventura Plastic Surgery Associates
1280 S. Victoria Ave., Suite 201, Ventura

Dance instructor

1st Place
Louise Bretz @ Connexions Dance studio
275 S. Laurel St., Ventura

2nd Place
Monica Galindo Thompson @ Premier Dance Studio
2425 W. 5th Street, Suite B, Oxnard

3rd Place
Patricia Monico @ House of Dance
3007 Bunsen Ave., Suite E, Ventura


Best person to help you reach your fitness goals

Martha Bangs, West Coast Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit Ventura

5777 Olivas Park Drive, suite S, Ventura (805) 644-9272

If finding the motivation to get in shape is challenging, staying motivated is by far the biggest roadblock to fitness for many. That’s when a trainer can make all the difference. Martha Bangs, at West Coast Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit Ventura, is that trainer. In 2007, after spending a solid year improving her fitness level, Bangs decided to take it a step further and began body building.

2“It was probably the best decision I made, because it led me to where I am now,” she says. Her first competition was the 2007 Junior California, where she took fourth place in her class, but while placing is nice, she says “It was always about the journey.”

The path she took on that journey was the CrossFit method, a training program that incorporates weights, gymnastics, running, rowing, pushing, pulling and everything in between. At 40 years old, Bangs is in the best shape of her life, and recently traded in her career as a school teacher to become a full time coach and trainer.

“It’s such a fun community of people who workout and push each other to get better, no matter what level we are.”

The main idea behind CrossFit is to “practice everything — constantly varying movements, time domains and rep schemes,” says Bangs. As far as getting and staying in shape, Bangs’ top five suggestions are:

1. Set a goal, any goal, and make it attainable in a relatively short time (e.g., I’m going to get 10 workouts in this month).

2. Become accountable to someone — in person or online — and it should be someone who won’t help you make excuses.

3. Realize that it isn’t easy. It will take work, whatever that goal is.

4. If you fail one day, who cares? Pick yourself up and get back to it.

5. Cut out sugar or severely limit it in your diet.

— Michel Cicero

Dance studio

1st Place
Connexions Dance studio
275 S. Laurel St., Ventura

2nd Place
Premier Dance Studio
2425 W. 5th St., Oxnard

3rd Place
Billy clower dance studio
75 MacMillan St.,Ventura


1st Place
Stacy M. Schmitt, DDS
3400 Loma Vista Rd., Suite 8,

2nd Place
Dr. Bryan Fisch @
Ventura Center for Dental Health
2807 Loma Vista Rd., Suite 201, Ventura

3rd Place
Dr. David Satnick
6633 Telephone Rd., Suite 220, Ventura


1st Place
Peter L. Karlsberg, MD
1190 S. Victoria Ave., Suite 300, Ventura

2nd Place
Dr. Ross Kaplan@Coastal Dermatology
3615 Las Posas Rd., Suite F100

3rd Place
Dr. Robert Jordan
3400 Loma Vista Rd., Suite 1,

Family physician

1st Place
James W. Horstein, MD
2793 Loma Vista Rd., Ventura

2nd Place
Dr. Thomas McBreen
2929 Loma Vista Rd., Suite E, Ventura

3rd Place
Robert Dodge, MD @
Brent Street Family Practice
168 N. Brent St., Suite 502, Ventura


Best place to embrace your inner superhero

Sky High Sports

166 Aviador St., Camarillo,

As Confucius once famously said, “Never trust a person who doesn’t like trampolines.” They are by all accounts one of mankind’s finest inventions and the good news is they’re not just for kids anymore. At Sky High Sports nestled off the 101 in Camarillo, multiple trampoline courts in a massive facility provide endless hours of entertainment for all ages.

2It’s a type of place where even the most stuck in the mud, gloom merchants are forced to crack a smile as they launch themselves into the stratosphere.

Just recently opened in the county, beyond being a top notch kid’s birthday destination, Sky High is gaining notoriety for its organized dodge ball games, where the standard schoolyard game is infused with the ability to quite literally fly in the air. One hasn’t really lived until he’s cut down an opposing dodge ball player while doing his best Spiderman impression. At Sky High, you can rent a private court, complete with a ref, or join in on the random pick-up games throughout the week. Another wildly popular aspect is trampoline workouts, which are standard aerobic classes (known as airobics) but with the added intensity of the bounce that makes the usual tedious workout session turn into a giddy good time.

Unlike the traditional backyard trampoline, where generations have fallen to their first broken bones, there’s minimal risk of injury as the walls at Sky High are also made out of NASA-approved trampoline material. Besides being safe, the walls also offer serious trampers the ability to engage in some super cool, ninja-worthy tricks that may soon warrant their own category in the Olympics or at least the X Games.

Regardless of what you hit Sky High for, be it fun, fitness or athletics, be warned, it’s an intense workout. You’ll leave drenched in sweat and you’ll be sore the following day for sure, but deep inside you’ll be content because you’ll finally know what it’s like to be Peter Pan.

— Chris Jay


1st Place
Mavericks Gym
5171 Telegraph Rd., Ventura

2nd Place
2440 Las Posas Rd., Camarillo

3rd Place
True North FItness & Health
6019 Olivas Park Dr., Suite D,

Holistic practitioner

1st Place
Lisa Wong @ Holistic Healing Center
2856 5700 Ralston St., Ventura

2nd Place
Ema’s Herbs
695 E. Main St., Ventura

3rd Place
Shannon Sosebee @ a place of Peace
2021 Sperry Ave., Suite 22, Ventura

Licensed massage therapist

1st Place
Shannon Mathey @
25 S. Ventura Ave., Ventura

2nd Place
kim freetly @
Massage for Peak
4561 Market St., Ventura

3rd Place
The Massage Place
4255 E. Main St., Suite 4, Ventura

652 E. Main St., Ventura

2100 Outlet Center Dr., Suite 360, Oxnard

Martial arts studio

1st Place
Gracie MORUMBI Fabio
2160 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura

182 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite A
Thousand Oaks

2nd Place
Camarillo kenpo karate
596 Mobil Ave., Camarillo

3rd Place
Newbury park martial arts center
1111 Rancho Conejo Blvd., Suite 503,
Newbury Park

Personal trainer

1st Place
Shannon yontz @
Truth North Fitness & health
6019 Olivas Park Dr., Suite D,

2nd Place
Randy Shoemaker @ 805 boot camp
3406 Monticello Ave., Simi Valley

3rd Place
colin jenkins @ West coast Strength and conditioning
5777 Olivas Park Dr., Suite S,
Ventura 644-9272

Pilates studio

1st Place
Mind & Body Wellness Studio
1445 Donlon St., Suite 9, Ventura

2nd Place
Pilates Influence
3150 S. Harbor Blvd., Oxnard

3rd Place
Ventura Pilates Studio
1455 E. Main St., Ventura

Yoga center

1st Place
Yoga Jones
105 S. Oak St., Suite 200, Ventura

2nd Place
Camarillo yoga Center
5800 Santa Rosa Rd., Suite 127, Camarillo

3rd Place
The Yoga Channel @
Silverstrand Beach
2520 Roosevelt Blvd., Oxnard

Yoga instructor

1st Place
Audrey Walser @ camarillo
yoga Center
5800 Santa Rosa Rd., Suite 127, Camarillo

2nd Place
Pixie Kastrup @ yoga jones
2750 E. Main St., Ventura

3rd Place
Maribeth Hammond @ The The Yoga Channel at Silverstrand Beach
2520 Roosevelt Blvd., Oxnard