Note: The Fucking Wrath are currently on tour in support of their debut full-length for Tee Pee Records, Valley of the Serpent’s Soul. We thought it would be fun to read a firsthand account of their triumphs and tribulations before they head home next week. Drummer John Crerar was kind enough to oblige us; we edited out the damning parts. We will publish excerpts from the whole tour diary every week, in part, with the remainder on our website.

Day 1: Ventura, Calif.
Our first show went off as expected. Most of our friends showed up, we raged hard, played the new record from front to back, then tried to play some older songs, but someone broke the mic stand and forced us to stop. We all went home to sleep in our beds for the last time this month!

Day 2:  Chico, Calif.
We all met up at [Jon] Shimer’s place at 9 a.m. Most of us had gone to sleep about four hours prior, so needless to say, we were kind of out of it. We loaded our personal stuff, said our goodbyes to the girlfriends, wives and kids, then jumped in the van for the next nine hours. The Pyrate Punks of Chico put on the show, and it turned out to be really cool. We hung out at Kevin’s house and drank 40s before making our way to Montrose Pizza. The place was a sweet little spot complete with sawdust on the floor. They fed us pizza and we drank cheap beer. An old friend from junior high, Jim, showed up before the show. He brought his 8-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, he has bad asthma and couldn’t deal with the sawdust so he bailed before we played. It was good to see him. The show sounded way better than you would think it would. Something about that room brought everything up. The band that played last, Teeph, was pretty insane. Every one of the dudes was rocking out in a Converge sort of way. We were way too tired to really enjoy it so we made our way back to our friend Jessica’s house and passed out

Day 3: Oakland, Calif.
We played a supposed old blues club turned punk club named Eli’s Mile High Club. This place was punk. So punk that Craig had to take a shit in the park across the street because the bathroom was almost too nasty to piss in. He said he had a knife out in case any crack heads tried to rush him in this compromising position he’d put himself in. The show was OK until they paid us $60, saying there were only 12 paid people there. I guess they let most of the people in for free because there were way more than 12 people there.

Day 4: Arcata, Calif.
We drove to San Francisco. Got a good breakfast at St. Francis, looked for Occupy SF but found nothing. (They had a big protest in Oakland that day.) We showed up at our friend Pat’s house. He recently moved to Eureka, maybe a month before, He lives with his girlfriend and her twin sister. After a beer or two we drove up to the Alibi. We showed up around 9 p.m., ate some killer grub and drank WAY TOO MANY BEERS. We finally went on around 12 or so and played a great set to the few brave enough to stay out late on a Monday. Now I’m sitting in the van about to pass out on one of the benches. Living the Dream.

Day 5:  Portland, Ore.
Really good on the van bench. (No joke, best night so far.) We stayed at Ryan’s house (another one of Brent’s friends.) I drove the first shift and it was a beautiful drive through the mountains. We met up with another old Ventura friend in Albany named Mark. He was kind enough to cook us pizzas at his work. We got off the freeway, ate some “za,” then made our way to Portland.  My good friend Mugger came out; he used to sell merch for M23. He has since moved to Portland, coaches baseball, is a substitute teacher and eats way too many eggs. We all went down the street to get a beer with a view. He was telling me about the upcoming Shim Come Quick reunion later this year, so I got pumped on that!  The show was OK, being a rainy night and all. The bands that played were all pretty cool. A garage rock band from Tel Aviv played first. They were pretty tight. Triplehorns played second and we ended up playing third. A few people showed up and rocked out with us so it was cool. Sons of Hun played last and they were a rocking good time! We are now staying at Tony Lopez’s house.  He’s not here, but he let us stay anyway. We miss him and are very grateful to have a roof over our heads. Another good day hangin’ with friends. #Anchorman# will lead us to our dreams. Goodnight.

Day 6: Seattle, Wash.
We woke up and watched some TV. #Modern Family# was on, and it ruled as always. We went to a biscuit and gravy shop and ate, then went back to Tony’s house. After our towels were done drying, we decided to make our way north to Seattle. We made a stop at the Occupy Portland protest. They had an amazing city of tents with food and everything. It’s good to see people finally pissed off enough to go to the streets. I’ve been talking about this in songs I have written for the past 16 years. I’m really interested in how this will all pan out. I hope people don’t just give up. There’s been this economic injustice building for years and it now feels like we’ve reached a boiling point. After the protest, we hit up Voodoo Donuts and got some sweet treats before jumping on I-5. We showed up to the venue around 7 p.m. It was a private club that has been doing shows since ’98. We had a good time playing and hanging with our friends Allison, Rob and Travis. We shot-gunned some beers, played a great set, then went back to Travis’ to retire. When we finally got there he fed us some homemade cider and mac ’n’ cheese. He has an awesome house; we all either had a couch or a bed to sleep on. Got to get some sleep and be up by 8 to get on the road. It’s 2:40 a.m. See ya tomorrow.

Day 7: Boise, Idaho
We all woke up pretty hung over from the festivities the night before. Luckily, Nick doesn’t drink so he took the first shift of driving while we all tried to sleep. I’m feeling kind of leery about the show tonight. It’s never a good sign when the venue website doesn’t have your show listed, yet the promoter says everything’s a go. He finally sent us some info yesterday. Let’s hope he comes through. The place was actually pretty awesome, they had a mini-ramp and, like, 15 old video games. We went walking to check out Boise. We stopped off at Record Exchange, a cool record store that reminded me a lot of Salzer’s, but they also had a café. We ended up eating some pizza at the Pie Hole, then made our way back to the Shredder. Unfortunately, I don’t think he really promoted all that much, and the locals he put on the show didn’t really match what we were doing. We played and rocked the few people in attendance. I couldn’t hear that well, so I felt like I sucked. After debating on where we were going to stay, we decided to get a room and rest up since we have a lot of driving to do in the next few days.