Those socialist liberals got us here

It has been a month since I asked your “fire-breathing” DNC-indoctrinated regulars to list the specific accomplishments of the Obama administration. All I have seen so far is “Mize is a racist,” which I already knew since everyone who doesn’t agree with Obama is a racist, and vague references to Obama as “strong,” “smart” and “lowered college tuition” (which has actually increased dramatically on his watch).

Once again, I feel I have to set the record straight with some inconvenient facts. The ideology of liberals is a failed ideology. You need only to look at the fact that the 10 poorest cities in America all have Democratic mayors for the past 50 years. The most bankrupt states, including the People’s Demokratik Latino Republik de Kalifornia, all have Democratic governors and legislatures. The failed countries of the world, like Greece, Italy and Portugal and soon the U.S.A., have adopted socialist doctrine where everyone works for and depends upon the government and there is no private enterprise to pay the taxes.

The Holy Grail for any Democrat is partial birth abortion. They will fight for it above all other policies. Let’s just call it what it is, dismembering infants. It is not “women’s health” or “right to choose.” Do you really want to be marching in lock-step with a party that insists on killing babies but keeping convicted murderers alive forever? Why is it that your core constituency is welfare recipients, trial lawyers, anarchists, militant gays, illegal aliens, union thugs, disaffected students and rich Hollywood elites? Where are the normal-citizen working stiffs in your party? Liberalism is the ideology of self-loathing. Liberals espouse the idea of socialism because it brings everyone down to their level of mediocrity and misery, with punishment handed out to the successful in the form of punitive taxation. Liberal core principles are the very things that are eating away at our standard of living. Why are you against personal responsibility, lower taxes and strong national defense? These are the things that made America great. Why do you insist on tearing them down and replacing them with nanny-state government, income redistribution, gun control, gay marriage, frivolous lawsuits, open borders, affirmative action, Occupy freaks, socialist health care and putting U.S. troops under U.N. command? In short, why do you hate the U.S.A.?

By the way, I thought Democrats were the party of tolerance and open minds. I’m guessing they are only open to the ideas of Bill Maher and Chris Matthews but not Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin and Forrest Mize.

Forrest Mize

You’ve got it all wrong

The author of “Freedom of Speech” on March 15 really should take a history lesson. In “Letters to the Editor,” the very first sentence, the author blows any credibility because he or she is not educated enough to read what is being cited. The separation of church and state is not in the Constitution from the National Archives. Maybe the one Wikipedia uses but not the original. Your next error was actually, I’m betting, an intentional omission of an important word. You said that “The foundation of our country’s freedoms was based in part on the lack of freedoms in the lands that they came (escaped).” I think you are really manipulating the argument with that inaccuracy because it should have read, “The foundation of our country’s freedoms was based in part on the lack of RELIGIOUS freedom in the lands that they came (escaped).” Yes, the Pilgrims and others came here to practice freely. The Bill of Rights gives religions that freedom in the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Free exercise is easy to understand. The churches are not telling all Americans that they should not they should do as they do as you imply. They are simply telling the government to stop controlling everyone. We are a land of free thinkers, and although you might not agree with the church, you have the freedom not to go to it or, in this case, use other services. That is it, so quit trying to read all this other stuff into it. We do not need government takeover of religion; they have aready screwed up the Post Office, rail service, social security and doubled the cost of Obamacare even before it is in full swing. Regardless who is in power, the government always overspends and taxes us more for less services. But they get the best pension, and the best medical plan. What does that tell you?

P.S. Please let me know where you find the separation of church and state. I’d like to know.

Mike Mislinay

Most cyclists also travel by car

In response to “No Free Rides” (Letters, 3/1), it’s always interesting to realize there are people who think bicyclists should qualify for a special license, buy liability insurance and pay a tax to use the roads. Apparently, these folks assume that all cyclists use no other form of transportation than their bikes. It might be of interest to note that, to date, I know of no bicycle rider who does not also own a vehicle, perhaps two, for which he or she undergoes license qualification, carries liability insurance and pays taxes to use the roads. The fact that one also rides a bike does not negate these investments of time, energy and money. Bicycle riders do not have a free ride, they just have a more enjoyable one on occasion.

Alisan Peters



How much longer must women Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh lashed out at university law student Sandra Fluke, defaming her for wanting all women to take sexual and political responsibility when they are sexually active. Fluke appeared before a congressional panel to request that all health insurers be required to provide birth control for all women who request it.

On his talk show, Rush Limbaugh called Miss Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her congressional appearance, and he accused her of “having so much sex, she can’t afford contraception.” Apparently Rush doesn’t know how women use birth control, or he assumes that women use birth control the way he uses Viagra or oxycodone.

As soon as the slander was made, Limbaugh lost seven sponsors. After his back-handed apology, which fooled no one, 17 more sponsors — and counting — have withdrawn their support for the program.

Limbaugh’s lewd, piggish, and blindsiding remarks have not been the first rendered against women, or for that matter, people of color. Limbaugh was quickly removed from ESPN for his racially slurred commentary.

I hope Rush’s employer, Clear Channel, will get the message. If not, we should be banging down their door, and have them either eat their pig or take him off the menu.

Doing the right thing would insure that all of us would have one less red light district on the airwaves. Until that time, we must ask Clear Channel, how low will they Limbaugh?  (And weren’t these guys the same who allowed “Imus [Shame-Us] in the Morning”?

As Rush will likely continue to bend over to appease his sponsors, so he can stay on the air and keep his high-paying job, I only have one question for the boar-mouth: Pig up, Rush, pig up, and admit to us, who is the “prostitute” now?

Grant Marcus

In response to your response about my …

John Andretti responding to a letter to the editor from Linda Principe responding to a letter to the editor from Forrest Mize. I guess referring to the infamous ad accusing Patraeus of “cooking the books on Iraq,” John’s last sentence claims: “One thing is certain, you’ll never see a Republican group running ads in The New York Times calling our military men traitors, as MoveOn.org did in the last election.” Wait, what? Didn’t the Swift Boat people run slanderous lies about John Kerry in the New York Times?

Chris Jensen

Until you have ridden a mile

M. Rosenblum tells us he/she is an avid cyclist, does not agree that cyclist should shoulder their share of the burden of all the cost associated with the massive amount of tax money that is spent each year on amenities for cyclist. The cost I am referring to is the idea that cyclist should, as all other forms of transportation are required to do, have a state issued license and liability insurance in order to use the roads for their form of transportation.

Here is a short story about why I do think that the cyclist should be licensed and insured. My wife was coming home from work, turned left on Poli Street in front of the Ventura City Hall and proceeded West on Poli. She noticed a cyclist traveling in the same direction so she slowed down to about 20MPH. The young girl (about 18 or 19) had a head set on listening to her music as she rode down the street.

As my wife came along side of the cyclist, she made an abrupt left turn directly into the side of my wife’s car. The side mirror was broken and the door was dented.  Luckily even though her bicycle was damaged, the girl was not injured. When the police arrived, the girl admitted it was her fault because she had not heard my wife’s car.

The damage to my wife’s car totaled $2,800, hard to believe. Because the girl of course did not have insurance, my insurance company paid the cost to repair my wife’s car. Of course, as most people do, we have a deductible — in our case it was $400, which we had to pay. The girl’s father attempted to get his auto insurance company to cover the cost but they declined because the girl was not listed on his insurance. They also said even if she was listed, the accident would not have been covered because she was on a bicycle and not driving the car.

So, M. Rosenblum, until you have experienced such an occurrence perhaps you do not have the right to comment.

Rellis Smith



The discussion continues

Hooray to Linda Principe in the Feb. 16 VCReporter! She wrote exactly what I and so many others have felt ever since the disgusting epithet “mulatto messiah” appeared. Thanks also to Chris Jensen for his fine letters. I campaigned for President Barack Obama in 2008 in Seattle and will do so again this year. I wear my Obama 2012 button proudly.

It has been so obvious since 2008 that the majority of the president’s critics just can’t accept that a strong, smart black man was elected and is doing a great job in spite of them. All the Republican nominees have been such a joke; they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel to find these ignorant fanatics who all want to keep the role of the 1 percent. They use vicious racist slurs and compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Muslim extremists, with enormous help from Fox “news,” hate radio and the “tea party” idiots.

Include me as a tree-hugger and environmentalist. The VC Star printed my recent letter setting straight the Clifford Mays lies about the Keystone Pipeline travesty. They did not, however, print my last letter, a response to Don J. Wilson of Oxnard, who complained about his tax dollars going to all the “drug addicts” on welfare. I’m including my letter here: “I also worked most of my life, put myself through college and raised two sons. I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that any person of even minimal intelligence thinks that most people receiving assistance are on drugs. For years, we have known that the majority of those receiving help are children, the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled. These are the people I worked for during over 30 years as a case manager, teacher, family advocate, counselor and para-educator. I was more than happy to know my tax dollars were going to help others. I did not appreciate paying for wars or helping the rich get richer.

“How have people in this country become so selfish that few are willing to help others? The main idea seems to be, ‘I’ve got mine – I don’t care about anyone else.’ And who pays for all the drug tests Mr. Wilson is recommending? Who administers them? Remember, the Republicans have forced cuts in public health, police, education, etc. Please, everyone, educate yourselves and support Democrats. Find it in your hearts to help others; this our reason for being alive.’ ”

Many thanks to the VCReporter for insightful, informative stories and editorials. They almost make up for Paul Moomjean’s rantings. In today’s political climate, those of us who are liberal, pro-choice, pro-union, pro-immigrants, pro-animal rights, pro-gun control, pro-LGBT issues, antiwar, feminist, environmental Occupiers need more than ever to live our beliefs and stand up for the rights of others. Let’s drown out those who care nothing about human and animal dignity as long as their pockets are filled with gold. And PLEASE stand up for women and girls to control their own bodies!

     Marilyn K. Crosby/Cochran

Freedom of speech  

There has been some talk recently, among the conservative Republicans, about the mistaken notion that separation of church and state is a bad idea that should never have been included in our Constitution. This talk has been stemming primarily from the discourse taking place about insurance for birth control and whether or not people (read: women) should be “forced” to accept insurance for birth control when their religious beliefs forbid it. This argument/discussion is so absurd that it is difficult to believe that any presidential candidate could advocate or participate in it. But … it is what it is.

What is really of concern here is the inability to understand the terrible danger that is hidden in this argument. The foundation of our country’s freedoms was based in part on the lack of freedoms in the lands from which they came (escaped). This argument at its very base is not really about birth control. It’s about people control. It’s about the practices that we see in lands that are ruled by ruthless dictators and tyrants and terrorists who say, “If you don’t believe what I believe, then you must not exist.” And: “If you do not speak for us, then you speak against us.” Thus:  9/11, as a logical outcome of this kind of tyranny.

We read, throughout the history of people, of all the horrors inflicted on individuals who did not agree with the religious practices and beliefs of those in power. We do not have to go even as far back as Nazi Germany to find more current evidence of these practices. They exist today.

For our Republican friends to insist that there should not be a separation of church and state, and that it is up to the government to decide whether or not birth control should be covered by insurance (because some religious groups might object — in which case, they don’t need to subscribe to any birth control services; it’s not quantum physics, people!) is to erode one of our most precious freedoms.

Separation of church and state and freedom of speech are inseparable. To invalidate one is to invalidate both. If we cannot express our religious or non-religious preferences, then we do not have freedom of speech. This is a very dangerous slope to sled. One that can send us right over a cliff.

Be careful, people. Be very very careful.

Jan Richman Schulman

Biting the hand

In the VC email newsletter March 1, in the “Upcoming Events” section there was an entry that began “From Bakersfield to Bakersfield-by-the-sea it’s Dub Seeds …”

The hoary old joke of Ventura being “Bakersfield-by-the-sea” is well past its tell-by date and disrespectful from a publication that actually operates out of Ventura. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. . . .

Mark Gibbs

My vote is for Parks

The GOP have actually outdone themselves! They somehow managed to dig up a worse candidate than Elton Gallegly. After Gallegly “retired” rather than run in a balanced district, the GOP rolled out good old Tony “I-never-met-a-lobbyist-I-didn’t-love” Strickland. 

“Little Newt” Strickland will soon find out that Gallegly is not as dumb as he seems; he knows politics.  He knew that a lock-step-voting radical Republican would not win in the new, politically balanced 26th District no matter how much money super PAC’s spend here.  So he bailed out.

I know that with Steve Bennett backing out of the race and going back to his cushy county supervisor job (hey, there is that pension to think of), the GOP thinks they will have a free ride but, as usual, they will be wrong because they have driven out one of their own, one who will eventually wind up beating them again just as she beat Audra, the other career politician in the Strickland clan.

Linda Parks has decided to run as a “no party” candidate rather than identify herself with the right-wing nuts in the GOP who hate her so much.  They hate her because she has a mind of her own, she cares about all the people she serves, and she gives a damn about this planet.

It is for these three reasons that I, a fire-breathing Democrat, will be voting for and supporting Linda Parks, and I am positive that the vast majority of Ventura County voters will do the same.

John Darling

He who bears false witness

So, right-wing hate-blogger Andrew Breitbart is dead.

Ordinarily, I would simply stay quiet about it and pray for his family members to find comfort in their time of grief.  After all, the custom is not to speak ill of the dead.

I cannot do that in this case, however, for a couple of reasons.

I stayed silent at the death of Ronald Reagan, in an attempt at respect and empathy.  And the right wing took the opportunity to completely rewrite his corrupt, ruinous presidency.  Secondly, Mr. Breitbart himself showed something considerably less than class with his hateful comments at Ted Kennedy’s passing.  I will not repeat those comments here, but I will say that what Mr. Breitbart stated on that occasion almost certainly applied more to himself than to the late Sen. Kennedy.  Lastly, Breitbart made his living by lying and telling gullible idiots what they wanted to hear. He conducted a smear campaign against ACORN; employing the criminal misogynist James O’Keefe, he attempted to smear Shirley Sherrod; and he made false accusations against the Occupy movement.  Basically, he never displayed any joy unless he was being the instrument of someone else’s personal destruction.

He will NOT be missed. I have a suggestion for his epitaph: “Here Lies Andrew Breitbart.  He Dedicated His Life to Bearing False Witness.”

Tom Becham



Standing to correct

A few weeks ago you published a letter by Linda Principe in which she responds to a prior letter written by Forrest Mize. Whereas I have not read Mr. Mize’s letter, I do feel compelled to respond to a few of the numerous inaccuracies contained in Ms. Principe’s letter.

Her description of Obamacare as being a children’s health program is ludicrous.  Obamacare is a program that forces employers to insure their employees or face financial penalties, and also requires individuals to purchase health insurance even if against their will. The program also provides a free handout to the 30 million chronically uninsured at taxpayer expense. It’s a bad program, Linda; that’s why the Democrats shut out the rest of the country from negotiations and passed the bill in a midnight meeting without reading it. The law is so bad that once it was passed, the Administration was forced to dole out exemptions to the various interest groups who supported Obama, with a whopping 35 percent of all exemptions being given to companies and interest groups in Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s district. Your contention that the program serves as some sort of advocate for children who have no voice is also incorrect. Children do have advocates; they’re called parents and they are much more capable of raising their children then some Obama bureaucrat.

Your characterization of Mr. Mize as racist is something I do not wish to address because I don’t get bogged down with such an irrelevant issue. I do notice, however, that the supposed outrage that people on the left seem to always display about racial issues was completely absent during the 2008 election. Where were you when it was discovered that Mr. Obama attended a black racist church for 20 years and cavorted with the likes of Louis Farrakhan and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? You had to have at least heard about it, or do you get all your news from that woman who looks like a guy on MSNBC?

You said in your letter that Mr. Mize needs to take a civics class, and then proceeded to tell us what a great president and humanitarian Jimmy Carter was and is. Huh? If anyone needs to go back to school, it’s you. Jimmy Carter was an utter failure as a president. His domestic policy left our economy in ruins, and his naiveté in foreign policy led to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and opened a “Window of Vulnerabilit”’ that could have resulted in a Soviet nuclear first strike. He is the most vile, hateful, name-calling ex-president in our history. Anybody who was alive during the prior administration couldn’t possibly be unaware of that. Calling Jimmy Carter a great humanitarian is like referring to the Occupy protesters as ambitious go-getters.

Lastly, your remark about Republican fat cat candidates was way off base. Yes, some GOP candidates and supporters are rich, but are you telling us that the people who attend the $35K/plate fundraisers for Obama are paupers?  At least the GOP backers are honorable people and patriots as opposed to the liars and character assassins that support Obama, like MoveOn.org and Media Matters. One thing is certain, you’ll never see a Republican group running ads in The New York Times calling our military men traitors, as MoveOn.org did in the last election.

     John Andretti

Best Republican …

A most enjoyable Oscar Night Party was held by local Democrats to raise funds. Everyone agreed the Best Picture award should have been in the Horror category. The award went to the Republican debates. These go on like a bad nightmare, spooking even the staunchest believers. And foreigners, too: the new German word for them in Der Spiegel is “das freakshow.”

Best Actor went to Mitt Romney. He’ll recite any lines his people give him, my friend, not believing a single word. Best Actress, to Michelle Bachman, the ambitious dreamer with delusions of adequacy.

Best Supporting Actor went to Rick Santorum, truly dangerous with mental health issues. Best Supporting Actress, to Callista Gingrich, with that simpering, fawning, vacant expression.

Best Director went to Grover Norquist. The GOP follows him more than their oath to the Constitution.

And for this year’s entirely new award, Best Baggage Handler went to Newt Gingrich.

Raymond Freeman
Thousand Oaks

Until you have ridden a mile

Regarding “No free rides” (Letters, 3/1)

Let me start by saying that I am an avid cyclist, riding both alone and in groups regularly. The majority of cyclists that I see and ride with are very courteous, very respectful and very mindful of the “2,000 pound automobiles” that we share the road with. I would like to emphasize “share.”

Your idea of taxing us for the “privilege” of joining you on the road is nothing more than ignorant. Let me state that I am already one of those “tax paying citizens,” (as are those who I ride with) and given my income, the taxes I pay are considerable. In addition, most of us purchase our bikes locally, and buy our clothes, accessories and supplements from local businesses, thereby adding to the tax revenues of the city you live in.

Cyclists have already earned and paid for the right for whatever “amenities” you feel we have received for free. Let’s not forget that these amenities are in place for everyone’s safety. Until you have ridden a mile in our shoes, endearing cars whizzing by you at 60 miles per hour with maybe a foot of clearance, yelling at you, honking at you, turning in front of you, and throwing things at you for no reason other than their desire to make you feel that you do not have the right to be on the road, then maybe you would be qualified to comment on our “free ride.”

M. Rosenblum

From the web

What will it take?

Re: “Ending the blame game at college district,” Editorial, 2/23

Thanks much for your well-balanced editorial, though I do disagree with it to a certain degree.

The issue of whether Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) Board of Trustees Vice-Chairperson Arturo Hernandez should have been in San Jose for mandated training by the Accreditation Commission of Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Nov. 17-19, 2011, is a non-starter. The training was never mandated in writing by the ACCJC and Trustee Hernandez was absolutely where he should have been on the evening of Nov. 17, 2011 — in attendance at the Save Oxnard College/We Love Oxnard College meeting. By rights, all five of the trustees should have been at the meeting, which had been organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB) of the college.

Even though he would not have been required to attend, it would have been very beneficial for the trustees if VCCCD Chancellor Dr. James Meznek could have attended the training in San Jose as the representative of the board of trustees. Chancellor Meznek could then have reported back to the board and apprised them of the events that had transpired at the San Jose conference.

The argument that Trustee Hernandez should have been in San Jose for training, along with the other trustees, Nov 17-19, 2011, also lacks merit given that, according to the ACCJC accreditation team followup report, the trustees had attended three major training events between October 2010 and the date of the report, which is Dec. 5, 2011. The ACCJC argument that the trustees seriously lack training is also seriously flawed given their participation in the three training events just mentioned. The ACCJC accreditation team followup report is a matter of public record and can be found on the following web site:


The VCCCD Board of Trustees do need to receive more training, but they have shown good faith in doing so to date, and the VCCCD schools for that reason, and many others, should be removed from probationary status by the ACCJC immediately.

In sum, whatever issues the board may have pale in comparison to the enormity of the challenges the colleges face relative to severe  budgetary/programmatic cuts and the challenges they face in helping to keep Ventura County’s workforce competitive.

If the colleges do not remain viable in their mission to educate and train the county’s present and future workforces, Ventura County will founder and fail in economies of scale regionwide, statewide, nationwide and worldwide.

Dave S. Morse, M.A., MMPA
Ventura County

Not so battery-powered

Re: “Vengeance is sweet,” News, 2/16

When the movie Who Killed the Electric Car came out I was wondering why it wasn’t titled Who Killed the Electric Lawnmower? Craftsman or Toro? Point being that until the energy density of batteries increases – or real fast-charging battery capabilities arise – there won’t be a huge market for electric cars. When all commercial-grade garden tools become electric then that will signal that the battery has finally arrived and probably is ready for cars big time.

– Ken

Give it time

Re: “Prison break,” News, 2/23

“Outside the box in terms of rehab.” Really? Risk and needs assessment, progressive discipline, substance abuse counseling and increased office visits are considered cutting-edge rehab techniques? One sure way to reduce recidivism is to essentially ignore probation violations, which is what Probation is currently doing. Check the crime rate in a couple of years. That will be how realignment is ultimately judged.

– PhillipsC



Where everybody knows your name

The Beachcomber Tavern has reopened after a forced two-week closure, instigated by the South Silver Strand Association. This is an association which I, a longtime resident, have never been given information on, nor offered an opportunity to join.

 The Beachcomber provides something that is lacking in most American communities — a heart. It is a gathering place for friends and neighbors, somewhere to chat and unwind after a hard day’s work. Guests from out-of-state and overseas have been both charmed by its atmosphere and warmed by its welcome. Though it may be many years since their visit, I still get asked, “How is the little bar?” as if it were a living thing, which of course it is!

 The absence of the Beachcomber would leave a deep void in Silver Strand. Its closure would mean a battle fought, and won, against history and tradition, hard work and enterprise and above all, against community.

 As for the South Silver Strand Association, I have two questions. First, if a neighborhood is not to your liking, why move there; and more importantly, if you do not like bars, why on earth buy a home next to one?

     Y O’Connor
Silver Strand

No free rides

First off, I must tell you my personal findings: Many cyclists — not all mind you, but a great number — are the most overbearing, disrespectful road users in the country. If I was riding a 50-pound bicycle and everyone else was riding a 2,000-pound automobile, I feel it would behoove me to be the most respectful person on the roadway.

I do have an idea, however, for a way for cyclists to join the rest of the people who use the roads for transportation or enjoyment and help pay for all the amenities they are provided, i.e., bicycle lanes, dedicated bicycle paths, bicycle racks, etc.

Since we (the taxpaying citizens) are already paying millions of dollars for the “cyclists” to be able to ride their cycles on the roadway with the cars and motorcycles, I think that all cyclists should be licensed exactly the way cars, trucks and motorcycles are. They should also be required to buy liability insurance as the rest of the people on the roads are required to do.

Bicycle riders have had a free ride for too many years; it’s time they contributed to the cost.

Rellis Smith

Guilty as charged

I would like to respond to a letter by Bill Locey in Feb. 9 VCReporter.

Bill Locey recently cited a study from the University of Maryland claiming Fox viewers are less informed. You may be interested to know that a Washington Post report says that UOM and its faculty are guilty of liberal bias. Political organizations on campus consist of 20 liberal and five conservative. What a surprise to find academia is showing left-leaning politics.

According to famed economist Dr. John Lott [Ph.D.] the UOM study is fraudulent, and he shows many examples or errors. It is recommended they do a report of the report. The university, which is considered liberal, is now under attack by black students and graduates who have filed a lawsuit claiming the university is racially discriminatory. Hey, Bill, say hi to the ghost of George Wallace at your next clan meeting.   

Bob Jason
Thousand Oaks

Ventura’s city employees

Let me be clear about my feelings toward the city of Ventura.

 I love Ventura; this is home to my family and myself. I respect and admire the hundreds of our city employees who serve our greater Ventura community every day. Many, many are close friends.

 Every city employee I’ve met works long hours, most often out of the public’s view.  Without them the water wouldn’t flow, the streets won’t get fixed, parks wouldn’t stay beautiful, the dollars wouldn’t balance, and they give back over and above the level of expected service with dedication to the job. Our public safety and utility employees are there for us every hour of every day. Every department is working hard with fewer people and less budget, but the employees give their best. Thank you for working for us and giving us your best efforts for citizens of this proud city.

Suz Montgomery

From the web


Dems: get a grip!

Re: “Local Democrats soft underbelly exposed?” editorial, 2/16

Tony Strickland’s chances have only strengthened since Bennett dropped out. I am mystified by how it came about after people donated so much money. Nevertheless, this non-primary experiment may just be the springboard for the minority party in the district (Repubs) to gain a house seat in a Democratic district. It scares me a lot. We must be very careful with our votes this time. And candidates must be cognizant of the unintended consequences of their candidacy. In other words, Democrats, get a grip and think this one through!

— msjetbn







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