So, did anyone else get vein-popping pissed off by the front-page story in the Star in mid-February: “Need for 3,600 New Homes Seen for City”? Ventura needs 3,600 more houses? Really? No, we don’t need more people in “the Poinsettia City,” and we don’t need anyone far away with dubious motives telling us what to do here. If anything, we need 3,600 fewer houses. This developer stooge, Chamber of Concrete-supported, state law-mandated madness cannot stand.

Why is this happening? Again. Still? This odious Cal State Housing Element Law was enacted in 1980 and only affects the six SoCal counties of which we in Ventura County are the northern-most. Everyone has a plan that will not work — this one’s a loser on every level. Much like the condemned forced to dig their own graves, this is reminiscent of the Gestapo, who would rub someone out and then, in the height of a new low, would send the victim’s family an invoice for the Luger bullet that killed their significant other.

Passed, no doubt, by developer-funded state officials, this mandated growth law forces us to destroy our quality of life for no other reason than pure greed, when it is painfully obvious that infinite growth in a finite environment is a loser. This law, in addition to building more houses where none are needed, offers an odious, ready-made cop-out for developer stooges in local government — like those that run the city of Oxnard — because they can and will say, “It’s not us — the state is making us do this.”

To oppose state-ordered growth is not some knee-jerk anti-government Tea Party idiocy such as railing against health care that will actually benefit them, but rather a necessary reaction to a bad idea that’s gone on too long, sort of like the delusional fact-free fantasy that Ronald Reagan was a great president. He wasn’t. Anyway, it’s time for the Ventura City Council to stand up against this pro-growth travesty and tell the state bureaucrats, “Hell, no — we’re not playing ball with you cement heads any longer. We care about our town too much to destroy it for no apparent reason.’’

The city of Irvine — those rich folks from behind the Orange Curtain — have objected to this enforced phony growth mandate and sued the state. Our turn. The folks in Orange County are right about this one — just don’t move up here. Closer to home, Fillmore is having second thoughts. It already has traffic jams — been stuck at the lights on Highway 126 lately?

Anyway, this mandated housing downer is based on existing and future needs; and to that end, the cement lovers have been perpetuating their big concrete lie for decades. Their latest carpetbagger wet dream tells us that California will have 6 million new locals by 2035. Really? Back when Ventura had 30,000 people, school kids were told that one day, there would be one solid city from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and so planning for it made it so; and that sorry scenario is coming closer to reality because of laws like this one and pro-growth stooges in city government who perpetuate this scam and solemnly approve what’s already been decided elsewhere.

That which hasn’t happened yet, need not come true. Want to not have 6 million new Californians? Don’t build the houses, stop importing state water, and unplug the tourism bureau — their very existence daily degrades our quality of life by inducing more jerks from Bakersfield and the Valley to move here. Since Ventura became an official tourist destination in 1982 and Oxnard developer Bud Smith christened the area “the Gold Coast,” the population has quadrupled at least, the rents are out of sight and now we have traffic jams and have to pay to park at our own beach; and now we need 3,600 more houses? I think not.

This relentless cement-shill scenario used to be called boosterism at the turn of the century — 1900, that is — and look what happened. Ask a Native American what tourism has done for his situation. Ask the native Hawaiian how they like tourism — they actually killed the first known tourist, Captain John Cook.

What we really need is to protect what we have left for those that are here right now.  Don’t televise the Rose Parade to anywhere that’s colder than here, and all new Californians need to bring their own water supply for their first year as a new Golden Stater.

We don’t need another L.A. here, although we can love the Dodgers and Lakers and even miss the Rams. One L.A. is sufficient. It’s crowded enough right here in the 805, right now. Everyone who lives here already lives somewhere — why should we destroy our quality of life for someone we don’t even know and who doesn’t even live here yet? Because some bureaucrats say we should? Let’s not. I think being complicit in on our own murder assumes a continuation of that endless, mindless and senseless we-the-sheeple scenario, and is far to the left of stupid.

As to the burgeoning growth rate, well, everyone’s kid does not deserve their own home — that part of the American Dream is over — get over it. We’re on the front line here in the 805 — we passed the SOAR initiative. So that just means that all that boring farm acreage will be the last places to be paved?

Almost any problem you can name can be boiled down to the fact that there are too many people in this world. A simple example will suffice: It took from the beginning of time until 1804 for there to be to be 1 billion people on this planet. It only took until 1927 for the second billion, and 1960 for the third billion — getting the drift of all this? There are a billion new humans on earth every dozen years now, making these anti-abortion idiots on a par mentally with the Taliban — trying hard to bring back the good old days of the 15th century.

So no more bad acting and hand wringing from city government — time to step up to the state and tell them, “No, thank you. We hate the StinkinGiants and we don’t need any more of that NorCal water. We’re going to try to live within our means, and that means your mandated housing program is a loser.’’

Time to contact your city government and say that it’s too crowded right now, so don’t do this. Obama and Boxer and Gallegly don’t really affect us — local officials do. And look who’s going to be in favor of this because they worship the dollar above all else: the Chamber of Concrete, an organization whose members have been destroying our quality of life since its inception. They are the Viet Cong in suits and never have our best interests at heart, unless you’re a realtor or a developer. They are exactly why Oxnard is Traffic Hell and the dumbest city in SoCal, paving farmland with topsoil that is 21 feet for — what was it again? Nothing. I can say that, I was born in Oxnard.

There is a state bureaucrat in charge of all this, one Ma’ayn Johnson. I’m sure she’d love to hear your thoughts on the attempted murder of your hometown:

Bill Locey is a newspaper writer and lives in the city of Ventura.