Earth Day is approaching soon, which means numerous people will soon paint their faces out of love for nature, and many balloons will be blown up for fairs and carnivals celebrating Mother Earth. I’m sure a lot of fun will be had by all, as Americans roll up in their SUVs while wearing animal-tested makeup and eating chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers provided by self-sacrificing cows and other animals. I’m being facetious (obviously), but what April always seems to do to the national conversation is put the emphasis on the planet; and for the Democrats, liberals, leftists and tree-huggers, place the blame for all the planet’s problems on the GOP and Big Business.

Recently, President Barack Obama decided to give an inspiring speech blaming the Republican Party and capitalistic businesses for “poisoning our kids” with their promotion of pollution. Obama went on to add, “I believe that it is part of our solemn responsibility to future generations that we look after this planet, that we make sure our air is clean and our water is clean, that we’re not poisoning our kids.” So far, everyone listening would agree. One of the great myths (aka lies) the Donkey Party does so well spreading is that Republicans want to ruin the air, cut down the trees, destroy the plant, and basically bring the apocalypse to earth as soon as possible.

Republicans enjoy fresh air and water just as much as anyone. And if liberals and leftists were intellectually honest, they’d realize that the picture they paint of wealthy big-business GOP members (yacht owners, country-club members, mountain-cabin owners, wealthy golfers) involves them doing outdoor activities. By the way, Republicans have children, too. They want them to have fresh air and parks to play in. It’s amazing how many people can believe their own lies when they repeat them over and over again.

But after Obama made a typical pro-earth comment, he soiled it with a political jab at Mitt Romney and the GOP machine against him this upcoming November: “The contrast between visions in this election could not be more stark, because I believe that America is stronger when we’re looking out for one another.” What? Is Obama implying that members of the GOP don’t look out for one another? As if they are some creepy, isolated group of individuals unaware of the suffering around them. May I remind the president that Republicans give more to charity than his party does, and do so willingly, as opposed to mandating charitable giving at gunpoint through taxation. In fact, a few years back, Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks, Ph.D., found that conservatives gave 30 percent more to charities than liberals. So who is looking out for whom, Mr. President?

The spin doesn’t stop there for our commander in chief. Obama went off in a recent Associated Press speech about how he thinks Republicans believe the secret to prosperity is to “let businesses pollute more and treat workers and consumers with impunity, [and] that somehow we’d all be better off.” This straw man spin job is crossing over to Desperationville, population: Barack Obama. May I remind Obama that it is Big Business that supports his party? The movie studios, Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs traders, Grosvenor Capital Management, Citigroup and, of course, General Electric are all friends of Barack Obama. In fact, wasn’t it Barack Obama who took over car companies? Is he polluting and degrading workers, too?

Since Barack Obama hasn’t had a “real” job in a while, let me remind him that it is Big Business that provides jobs and paychecks. If it wasn’t for Big Business, we wouldn’t have America. We’d be a bunch of mom-and-pop stores with no stability. While many arguments can be made against some of the practices of corporations, who else can employ the numbers of people they do? McDonalds, Walmart and Target create jobs on a daily basis. And might I add, those workers seem happier than the government workers at the DMV I visited recently.

Obviously, being the president means having the microphone, but we elected Obama to be the president of the United States and not to be the president of Spin City.