Pacific Shores Philharmonic President Ryan Jimenez announced on Tuesday that the last three concerts of the season will be rescheduled for next season, citing financial issues as the main reason. The next three concerts to be performed in August and late September were to be double the size at double the cost — roughly $80,000 each. Because the Professional Musicians Local 47 union requires full payment more than a week in advance of a concert, Jimenez decided to ensure the organization broke even during its inaugural year and cut the season midway through. Many ticket sales, he said, occur the day before and the day of a concert, making it difficult to plan responsibly with only fiscal projections and not actual numbers.

“The whole idea is, number 1, that it would last, and 2, that the first year would be a learning experience, and to adjust to what the local economy supports,” Jimenez said. “We started with something we thought was workable and now we need to retool it.”

One of the main financial problems is the cost of production. Because the Libbey Bowl offers nothing more than a concert hall, Jimenez and his team have to set up sound, lighting, the box office and more, plus pay to staff them all. Over six weekends, the costs add up. Jimenez’s vision for next year is to bring the six weekends of concerts and do it over a three-day weekend, similar to other music festivals.

“A destination event is more attractive to hotels (and other service-oriented businesses),” Jimenez said. “A lot more artists and groups are going to festival formats because it is a lot cheaper.”

Jimenez said he wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed that the series had to be cut short this season. He noted that at every concert the audience gave a standing ovation, and media outlets had rave reviews. It’s all about a sustaining the project and creating a format that will leave the organization solvent, he continued. Staff will be contacting everyone who purchased tickets for the rescheduled concerts to issue full refunds. For more information, contact PS Phil Box Office at 620-1000.

The third and last concert will held on Saturday, July 28, at 8 p.m. The Pacific Shores Chorale will perform Carl Orff’s epic choral masterpiece Carmina Burana, featuring renowned soloists soprano Shana Blake Hill, tenor Robert MacNeil and baritone Zachary Gordin, with 70 voices, two grand pianos and the percussion section of the Pacific Shores Philharmonic Orchestra. To purchase tickets, go to or call 620-1000. Become a friend of the Pacific Shores Philharmonic on Facebook and receive a 25 percent discount.