Diss now, pay later?

Women will have 20 percent of the Senate seats in 2013. Some members of this class are returning and some five will be new. At least one, Democrat Clare McCaskill of Missouri, owes her seat to Republican Todd Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape” and smart uteruses, which torpedoed his chances. She will represent a state that gave Mitt Romney a 10-point margin of victory this election.

Our two women senators, Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, gained their offices initially in the backlash against the Senate Judiciary Committee’s abusive treatment of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

If the Republicans aren’t careful, they will diss women enough to put one of us into the White House.

Margaret Morris

Right off the cliff

First of all, if you remember my letter from some weeks ago, I predicted both the outcome to this election and your subsequent reaction/meltdown.  I don’t make predictions very often, but when I do, you can bank on them.

You didn’t lose because Mitt Romney “isn’t a genuine conservative.”  You lost because the majority of Americans now flatly reject conservative “ideas”.

You didn’t lose because Obama ran a negative campaign. It’s not negative to point out both the lies and weaknesses of your opponent.

You didn’t lose because of any vote-counting shenanigans, voter suppression and/or voter fraud. YOUR side is guilty of that, and, quite frankly, the president’s margin of victory would have been far greater had it not been for the efforts of Republican governors and secretaries of state to deliberately exclude traditionally Democratic voters.

And incidentally, Obama did not lose the popular vote, either, nor was it even close.  He won by over 3 million votes in the popular vote. And in any case, Al Gore could tell you that it’s entirely possible to win the popular vote and still lose the election (or have it handed to you by activist judges who tell a state to ignore its own election laws).  And in the electoral vote tally, Obama’s victory was nothing less than a landslide.

Nor did you lose because Obama voters are “lazy and looking for handouts” or “racist.” The biggest handouts go to the ultra-wealthy, who don’t want to contribute their fair share to the society that made their great wealth possible.  The truly racist are those whose candidate’s total vote count was made up of 88 percent white votes. Maybe you conservatives should try not being misogynistic, homophobic race-baiters. It shows, and voters don’t like it.

The plain fact of the matter is that the ugly face and intellectual and moral bankruptcy of conservatism showed itself in this election cycle, and the majority of Americans chose to stand against it.

You can choose to blame others for this as you are now doing, and learn nothing. Or you can accept that you need to change how you view and approach the world, and adjust your actions accordingly.

But since the very definition of conservatism indicates a resistance to change, I won’t hold my breath.  That’s fine, though. It just insures that you will continue to lose election after election.

Tom Becham

Ventura showed its true colors about Prop 30

Regarding Prop 30, Statewide Prop 30 won somewhat overwhelming.  Yes 53.9 percent, No 46.1 percent.  Too bad it couldn’t have won by 100 percent. I can’t really understand why anybody would be against funding our schools so the kids can get a real education.

However ,there were pockets of people in different areas that either weren’t thinking or simply did not care about kids’ education. It seems our forward thinking, intelligent folks in the city of Ventura were one of those pockets of “NAY” sayers.

The city of Ventura had a vote tally far behind the state’s average.  Yes 49.04 percent, No 50.96 percent.  It would seem to the casual observer that the voters in the city of Ventura just didn’t really care if their kids got an education or not. These are the same people that have been holding the city of Ventura far back from the rest of the state in approaching the future with a good plan. We call them NIMBYs (not in my backyard) and BANANAs (build absolutely nothing, anywhere near anything).

These folks were afraid that if they were to vote to give the schools more money and the schools improved dramatically, then more folks with kids would want to live in Ventura and of course that would mean more homes and businesses would have to be built, heavens to Murgatroyd, we simply don’t want any of that, so let’s vote against more money for schools.

It is my opinion that the folks that did vote against Prop 30 obviously never completed any schooling, they may have graduated from Kindergarten to 1st grade but from there everything started downhill.

Rellis Smith