The failure of big media

Recently I watched a benefit on TV for the victims of Sandy. The audience filled Madison Square Garden. Just imagine — hurricane remnants stretching all the way to New York and the Jersey Shore.

And I hear there will be more relief campaigns for Bopha victims — stunned, reeling in their need, far greater than their government’s expectation or their own. Typhoons don’t usually come south that far.

But the UK recently suffered from unprecedented flooding. We in the U.S. just endured record heat and drought devastating to cattle and grain farmers. One wonders how much compassion can be marshaled for what is becoming commonplace — catastrophic weather events for which we are not prepared.

One would think there’s something to this global warming stuff. But that can’t be. Otherwise the media would be warning us. Stories would feature sturdier housing for the increasingly more powerful typhoons, hurricanes and storms, for the briefer more severe drenching of the land with consequent disastrous flooding, and suggest ways to prepare for unyielding drought.

Indeed, news outlets that failed in this important public duty would be shorn of their license to use the public’s airways. Wouldn’t they?

Isn’t it time to tell the FCC to hold the six oligarchic media giants accountable for their abysmal failure to address climate change?

Margaret Morris

The City Council of “No”

Well, once again, the Ventura City Council has proven its complete disdain for the citizens of the city of Ventura. It voted to use one of the prime pieces of property in the city for commercial usage. I am, of course, talking about the old Limoneira packing plant property. It voted this way even though it had been working with the property owner for a considerable length of time about building homes for some lucky citizens. It even seemed at times, it would allow it.

The council simply let the cries and moans of the NIMBYS (not in my back yard) and BANANAS (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) sway the vote. Over the years it has decided to stop many good plans that would have brought jobs and tax money to our city. It seems to have the same attitude as the Washington Republicans. Simply say NO to everything.

Rellis Smith

The facts never cease to amaze

So Paul Moomjean has found a comedy of errors. (Right Persuasion, 11/29) I am surprised that as a factually and technologically challenged student, thus an English Major, he never learned that for comedy to be funny, it has to have a basis in fact. George Bush was a war criminal not because he relied on the intelligence, it is because he ignored the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, plus Articles Three, Four and Five of the Geneva Conventions, ratified by the Senate and, per the Constitution, the law of the land.

Colin Powell did not rely on the intelligence when he declared the Iraqi aluminum tubes were only for gas centrifuges. They could not be for artillery rockets since they were a much higher grade of aluminum than we use in any of our weapons. HE IGNORED HIS OWN BUREAU OF RESEARCH AND INTELLIGENCE (I and R). The DOE resident expert showed it was difficult to the point of being ludicrous to convert them to gas centrifuge rotors. Colin Powell’s own I and R told him, prior to his speech, that the DOE experts were correct. Colin Powell’s own I and R told him prior to his speech that we used exactly the same aluminum as rocket motor cases in air-launched rockets.

I could go on and on. Alas, it is a useless exercise; a closed mind such as Mr. Moomjean’s finds facts to be liberal. That is why he was an English major; he would never have to encounter a fact-based universe.

Norm Rodewald

From the web:

Re: “Lawsuit filed over contamination from Ojai horse rescue,” News, 12/13

This Sears woman sounds like a horse hater! Why is she picking on the rescue? Because she knows it depends on donations. Here’s hoping the judge will see this is a “frivolous” law suit and that she will be stuck with the bill. Isn’t she lucky it isn’t a huge cattle ranch or oil well next to her? A rancher would tell her just where to put her suit, and an oil company … well … good luck.

I hope some lawyers or people can donate to stop this horse hater! I for sure will not buy tangerines off her when the word gets around … no animal lover will. So she can blame it on animal lovers who won’t buy her flippin’ tangerines.

— crystalwolf