Biting the hand that feeds you

A wounded beast will attack its enemy with rabid intensity.

It was my opinion that when the issue of “what to do about Sotelo was fresh and debatable,” the culprit should be prosecuted. The Oxnard City Council, however, opted to forego the cost of litigation … dumb choice. Now, “Little Caesar” has withdrawn the dagger from his side to point his arsenal to the city of Oxnard.  

The issue would have been settled if the Oxnard City Council, having the advantage of an attorney on its panel, would have followed the remedy indicated in the California Penal Code and file criminal charges against Sotelo. Although one can never predetermine the results of a jury verdict (O.J. Simpson trial; Rodney King vs. Los Angeles police), the odds would have been vastly in favor of a guilty verdict that would have enhanced the Oxnard city armor in the future Oxnard vs. Sotelo litigation. Warning to Oxnard City Council: Saving the city money by foregoing the prosecution of city employee criminals is an endeavor doomed for failure.

Miguel Espinosa, Jr.

You are doing it all wrong, Moomjean

Re: Right Persuasion, 12/27

Republican “moral issues” are dead, according to Paul Moomjean (Right Persuasion, 12/27/12).  So he wants to fight “in our churches” for “our country’s soul.”  He wants to attack “debt-ridden social programs.” Translation: seniors, children, the sick and the poor must be thrown under the bus; the coddling of millionaires and multinational corporations must be left nicely alone. It sounds pretty soulless to me. Mr. Moomjean has his moral fight exactly backwards. One supposes that a moral fight, in churches, would have some connection to Christianity. Didn’t Christ say the rich must give their goods away to help the poor?

Moomjean doesn’t understand economic affairs, either.  America is a wealthy nation and only small fiscal adjustments are needed to restore social programs to soundness.  Today’s GOP couldn’t care less.  Even Newt Gingrich was disgusted by its “extreme right-wing social engineering.”  This has produced extremes of wealth and poverty, misery for millions, and irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy projected to add $5 trillion to national debt.  I’m sorry, Mr. Moomjean, sir, but no amount of window-dressing will hide the fiscal and moral bankruptcy of today’s Republican policies.  

Raymond Freeman
Thousand Oaks

Maybe the obstructionists will follow suit

Re: Forrest Mize, Farewell to Kalifornia (Power to speak, 1/10)

Your ignorance surpasses your negativity but not your sour-grapes attitude toward us Californians. Thanks for leaving our Great State of warm sunshine and renewed vitalness. Yes, we voted out the obstructionist Republicans, glad you are happy in Idaho.

We voted for higher taxation for schools and our future, and in turn the future of this Great Nation we call the Unites States of America. I have been a middle-income taxpayer for well over 30 years. I am proud to be an American and pay my fair share of money to pay for schools and restore confidence in our future for ALL our children regardless of their parents political affiliation, race, creed, gender or sexual preference.

This Great State of ours will lead the way as we have done in the past. We will demonstrate what it takes to reverse the downward trend political infighting has led us to. Maybe you could open your home to more persons like yourself from Kalifornia so that we could proceed free from obstruction.

Ray Vasquez