CUDDLY MARSHMALLOW “Takoda” ID # A556827 “Takoda” is a cuddly marshmallow! He is a big boy, and every ounce is love! Takoda loves to be held, and he has lots of fun playing with his feather toy too. Give him a pet and he will happily stay next to you, purring and very politely asking you to pet him or scratch behind his ears.His exquisite green eyes have dramatic black outlines like a famous old time silent movie star! This super affectionate boy in the shelter’s Kitty Cottage, where he is getting along very nicely with the other cats. When you go into the room, don’t be surprised if this very friendly sweetie comes right up to meet you, hoping you will cuddle him. Pet him, and let the purring begin! Come meet this adorable boy at the Camarillo Animal Shelter, 600 Aviation Drive, Camarillo.