Change the Nicene Creed!

Thank you so much for your in-depth article on the Catholic Church (“In the house of the holy,” feature, 3/21). “The church is comprised of human beings that are weak and sinful and do atrocious things. Whether they be popes, bishops or priests,” but the new pope can end future sex scandals by doing something some other pope should have done long ago! He can adjust the Nicene Creed they’ve had since 325 A.D.!

It could now acknowledge the second baptism by our living Lord Jesus with the mighty Holy Spirit! Then finally those Christians could have the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit indwelling and empowering them!

Sadly, the Nicene Creed has robbed the church of the power it is supposed to have. There are full-gospel churches, however, and one in particular is presenting the Holy Spirit baptism to the public on the Church Channel on television. He is Robert Morris and about a week ago he started explaining the Holy Spirit in detail and exactly what the baptism of the Holy Spirit brings. The benefits, blessings and real power.

Then he led the Christians on television in a prayer asking God for — and receiving — the baptism of the Holy Spirit!! Another minister that did this a month or so ago is Syd Roth on his “Supernatural” program.

Sadly, the Nicene Creed has kept this glorious blessing out of the Catholic and most denominational churches.

D.C. Alieta

Gratitude for Music Share

Recently, I had the pleasure and the honor of attending “Music Share” at DCH Lexus of Oxnard. DCH Lexus has teamed with FOOD Share, Ventura County’s Food bank, for special events such as this, and this evening was amazing! The children of the Academy of Cultural Arts performed a number of pieces on strings. These children looked to be aged from 6 to about 14 years old, and their skills varied, as did their years on their instruments.  Some were just beginners, some quite skilled and adept at making beautiful music. I believe they use the Suzuki Method.  Additionally, Laci Kay, a local teenager, performed, singing a variety of tunes, the last of which had us all clapping along with her. The owner of DCH Lexus had just flown in from Japan and addressed the attendees in a state of time-zone confusion. The president of FOOD Share also addressed the group, thanking them for their support.

Admission was five cans of food or a $5 donation to FOOD Share. But nobody was turned away for lack of ability to pay or contribute. This was a community event, small, intimate and incredibly inspiring. These children, the children of OUR county, all put themselves on the line to perform in front of strangers for a worthy cause. It was so wonderful to see how our community can come together in such a positive way to support our children and our hungry neighbors. And DCH Lexus had cleared out its showroom to allow the performance and attendees the room to participate in this event. I have never been so proud to be a part of a community as I was tonight. I thank DCH Lexus, I thank FOOD Share, I thank the Academy of Cultural Arts and Laci Kay for what they have given this night. With all that’s going on in the world, all I could do was sit there and think of how blessed I was to be in that positive and uplifting environment!

Jan Richman Schulman

From the web:

The hypocritical left

RE: Why did the right become so hypocritical?, 03/28

Paragraph 1: Most mentions are Democratic self-inflicted wounds. Your party members aren’t very bright.

Der Spiegel magazine is upset by hatred? By whom, Dems? Who are Germans to be upset by hatred, anyway? Centuries will pass and people will wonder what happened to them in the first half of the last century.

Paragraph 2: A lady 90 had a hard time? Is that all you got?

Paragraph 3: Again, you Democrats aren’t very swift, are you?

Paragraph 4: Only by gerrymandering? It’s called voters. They reject Dems. That’s why they win elections.

Paragraph 5: You’re a former banker and yet you type this dreck? Were you asleep in econ 101?

Paragraph 6: Goon squads in Florida? Did you see the video of Black Panthers with bats at the polling place? Are Black Panthers Republicans?

Paragraph 7: Third World corruption? Thanks to Dems, many American cities ARE the Third World.

Paragraph 8: Iraq war was started with of consent of most Democratic Senators. Why didn’t THEY vote NO?

Paragraph 9: Try telling those Iraqi men and women with purple fingers, after they voted for the first time in their lives, about giving a “fig” for democracy. Perhaps your stupidest statement yet.  Don’t bring up Christ, Freeman. You’ve no business doing that and you know it.

Paragraph 10: I knew Barry Goldwater. Too bad the country got stuck with the Dem LBJ.  50,000 dead Americans and now we buy stuff made in Vietnam. Loser Dems really gave the world a good f—–g with that little detour.

As I have pointed out here, you are an imbecile. Hypocritical? Check the facts, take off the shades, read more history and stop playing the dupe. It’s embarrassing.