Sen. Fran Pavley gets the job done

“Legendary” was the term used by State Sen. President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg to describe Sen. Fran Pavley’s, D-Agoura Hills, record on the environment after her landmark victory in getting SB 4, the Senate bill on fracking, signed into law. “Her work and accomplishments are legendary in the environmental field,” he said. Pavley not only had to battle all the usual backers of unrestricted oil and gas development but also faced criticism from some  environmental groups  that believed a ban on fracking was the only acceptable position.

But Pavley was in the best position to know what was possible in the Legislature and what the governor was willing to sign. Her read on the facts (and that of her staff) was masterful if not brilliant. Bottom line, California has the strongest anti-fracking law in the country and a commitment to study the effects of fracking and to take further action. Meanwhile, the governor is free to enact a moratorium by executive order and these groups are free to pursue a statewide referendum.

Pavley will soon be termed out of the legislature. This year was the best opportunity for passage of a bill dealing with fracking. At some time in the future, environmental legislation in the California Senate will have to succeed without Pavley’s leadership and experience.

Pavley was co-author of SB 221 (2001) that required developers to prove they had a guaranteed water supply before being granted permits. She authored AB 1493 (2002) that set state standards for limiting greenhouse gas pollution by setting fuel economy standards. Later, the Obama administration adopted these standards on a national level. AB 32(2006) established comprehensive standards for limiting greenhouse gasses. Pavley also served on the California Coastal Commission between 1995 and 2000.

Let’s make a comparison between the future of fracking in Ohio and in the state of California. In Ohio, Republican Gov. John Kasich, backed by a Republican legislature, plans to rush permits to drill hundreds of wells by the end of 2014. In California, a formal study is being done in 2014 of the environmental effects of fracking, and an environmental impact report is due in early 2015.  In Ohio, the Sierra Club fights to get disclosure of a 40,000-gallon intentional dumping of fracking waste by a company that has already declared bankruptcy. In California, the process of holding formal hearings has already begun with the Jan. 8 hearings in Ventura. Meanwhile, in Ohio the only hearings scheduled are by the Coast Guard, which seeks to permit use of barges to carry toxic waste from fracking sites from outside the state to be dumped in southwest Ohio and other states.

Residents of Ventura County who reside in the 27th Senate District are being represented by a world-class figure in stopping greenhouse gas emissions and other steps to protect our environment. All of this requires a reasoned approach. Pavley has proved that she has mastered that as she has mastered the art of the deal.


Al Sanders


Repulsed responses

I’m now certain that Paul Moomjean is a fictitious character created by someone with a very dark sense of humor, convinced that “no one could really be that stupid.” But as I have felt a bit “played” from reading his rants over the years, taking them way too seriously, I would then often work my fingers to the bone furiously typing my responses to his biweekly distortions, fantasies and lunatic lies. Many of those responses have been published on your “Letters” pages and I would often get nudged on the street … “great letter,” “I can’t believe they publish that crap” and other such remarks that many have said. Even though I experienced much confirmation for my responses, I expect this wasn’t good for my blood pressure or may have put me into a foul mood for an hour or so. That considered, I no longer bother to read Moomjean’s “Right Persuasion” column but I do still very much enjoy reading others’ repulsed responses to his vitriol in your weekly Letters … noting that about 99 percent are those who share my basic opinion. Moomjean is a totally whack nut job. In your Jan. 9, edition I was particularly entertained by a nicely written response from Norm Rodewald of Moorpark. In his letter Norm totally, rationally and irrefutably corrected each of Paul’s thought-diarrhea spurts about “conservatives’ New Year’s resolutions” and he did it in a kind and intelligent way. I especially liked the bit about how his great-grandmother fared in her golden years without “big government programs” like Social Security or Medicare. Thank you, Mr. Norm, for allowing me to reply vicariously through you.

*This remark was quoted from another reader’s 2010 letter to the editor about another of Moomjean’s twisted columns.


Chris Jensen


Opting out of the Affordable Care Act

I would like the opportunity to opt out of the Affordable Care Act because it will force me to participate financially in a healthcare and insurance system that I seldom use. Perhaps I’ve been lucky for a woman in her mid-50s because the last time I felt the need to see a doctor was for an ear infection in April 2006. I was employed but had no health insurance, however, I was able to enroll in the County of Ventura Healthcare Agency’s Self Pay Discount Program and only had to pay a perfectly reasonable $30 fee for the doctor visit and another $25 at the drug store for the antibiotic. Coupled with the $0 that I spent for health insurance, $55 every once in a while seems like an appropriate amount to spend for healthcare and I’m happy to pay my way as I go.

In more recent years, I had a job that provided full health insurance and I could have visited health care facilities for vaccinations, cancer screenings, wellness exams, stubbed toes, etc., and received all this care for FREE. People used to ask me in all seriousness why I didn’t go load up on all this free healthcare assuming that I was missing out on something beneficial. I’m a great believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and have found through personal experience that my body and no doubt yours, too, has remarkable powers to heal itself given a healthy and balanced lifestyle and requires precious little outside intervention. If more people trusted in that fact, the health care and insurance systems could not feed on our collective fear and ignorance and could therefore not be able to consume so much of our power and money because we would quit giving it to them.


Julie Schaab


Fringe leftism

Just a few weeks into 2014 and God, What a Relief It Is! 2013 was such a mind-boggling good time with all the lies and political manipulating, the stonewalling of facts about scandals, the DENIAL that there have been any scandals (calling them “phony”) and let’s not forget that Divine Blessing, Obamacare! (Was it racist to say that? Harris-Perry, MSNBC.) And STILL, the Messiah (according to Barbara Walters and Jamie Foxx, a truly ODD couple) managed to get in well over a hundred holes of golf in Hawaii! Praise the Lord! What a Guy!

But to the rescue to provide a little relief from the perp-in-chief and his village idiots like Biden, Carney, Pelosi and Reid comes Mr. Brown Nose Christie, who has graciously provided a diversion by means of the Bridge Scandal! This should keep all the boot-licking liberal media (ABC, NBC, CBS,CNN, MSNBC and just about every other one but FOX) chomping at the bit as they have ALREADY dedicated more time to it than the IRS Scandal in the last six months! Talk about Fringe Leftism! THEY ROCK!!

But we need not be surprised about this due to the fact that they employ morons like Chris Matthews, who salivates whenever he gets to talk about Obama! Seriously, get that twit a BIB! And there are plenty of other “journalistically challenged” trogs in those networks, like MSNBC’s Touré and Harris-Perry, CNN’s Cuomo and the list goes on and on. These pernicious pawns merely parrot the ranting of The Balking Mentally Dead Presidents of the liberal media who worship at the feet of the aforementioned Messiah! Who, incidentally, never misses a chance to dance with them! For the sake of the rest of us serfs of course! Will Michelle dance with Beyoncé at her birthday party? Stay Tuned! O da thrill!!

Brian Beian