Five years ago I wrote an opinion piece in this very spot. I predicted that the Barack Obama regime would be a failure. Naturally, the usual suspects called me a racist since a white man could never disagree with a black man on policy. It had to be about skin color. Plus, the race card is the only card in a liberal’s deck. So let’s take a look at the facts surrounding the Obama administration.

Our economy is a shambles. Real unemployment is close to 20 percent if you count all the people that dropped out of the workforce in despair. Middle class income has declined. There have been a record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies on his watch. One in six Americans lives below the poverty line. Fifty million are on food stamps and other government safety nets that have become lifestyles. The price of gas has doubled. The stock market is a house of cards, propped up by the Fed printing $100 billion a month.

Obama’s signature legislation, the Unaffordable Care Act, has been a complete disaster, as most big government takeovers are. Millions have lost their plans, their doctors or both. Premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Admitting failure, Obama has unilaterally and illegally changed the law 31 times with executive orders to extend deadlines and grant waivers for his union cronies and big business contributors.

I could list scandals for a week but let’s just stick to the big ones that would have been impeachable in a GOP administration. Shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels, getting Americans murdered in Benghazi and then trying to cover it up with a YouTube fairy tale, using the IRS to harass and target conservative organizations, using the Department of Justice to wiretap AP and FOX News reporters, the half-billion-dollar Solyndra green energy scam and using the NSA to spy on citizens are a few that come to mind. Any one of these would have been front-page stories if Bush was still the president but were hushed up by the sycophants in the mainstream media.

I’m certain that the true disciples like Jan Shulman and Norman Rodewald will never admit to the facts above or that Obama is a complete failure. Their rallying cry will be “Obama restored our international respect” or some other garbage about Bush being a cowboy. So let’s take a look at our prestige abroad. Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union and laughing at Obama’s little “sanctions.” The Iranian mullahs are busily building a nuclear weapon to annihilate Israel and ignoring all the deals made with the State Department because they know there will be no consequences. Hamid Karzai is openly defiant of the administration, has let our status of forces agreement expire and will most likely charge us to remove our military equipment from Afghanistan. The Israelis have sadly realized that they are on their own against Iran and Syria after Obama told them to go back to their 1967 borders, as if he gets a vote in their territorial sovereignty. Al-Qaida is stronger than ever and has control of cities in Iraq that our troops fought to liberate. Even his fellow Marxist thug Hugo Chavez called Obama a “clown” and a “disaster” before he assumed room temperature last year. North Korea and the Taliban are holding American citizens hostage while Obama does nothing. Tell me again how much international respect we have gained under Obama.

Every policy of this administration is a complete and utter disaster. He has wasted billions on unproven political propaganda like “climate change” while blocking a real energy source called the Keystone Pipeline. He half-staffed the American flag for failed communist Nelson Mandela. His planned minimum wage hike will destroy jobs. He is giving up U.S. control of the Internet so that U.N. bureaucrats and thug dictators can censor free speech on the Web. He has drastically cut the defense budget while raising the food stamp handout 37 percent. He has tried to impose gun control. He has pushed for amnesty for millions of criminal border hoppers. He has intentionally dumbed down a generation of children with that idiotic common core indoctrination.

So how is that hope and change working out for you?

Forrest Mize is formerly of Ventura, now a political refugee in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.