The music scene suffered a one-two punch recently when Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats and T.F.W. told fans the party’s essentially over. There were no dramatic break-ups involved, just a rearrangement of priorities for busy musicians with day jobs, families and other projects.

In a heartfelt letter to fans and press, Hershey wrote: “What originally started out as a personal experiment of mine with the release of the first 45 vinyl single in 2008 and the intention of only playing one show, turned into two U.S. tours, three European tours, two EPs, two singles, a sold-out debut LP and a lot of blood and sweat left on the stage.” With his metal project Night Demon taking off in every direction and three upcoming tours, including a nationwide tour with Raven (who took Mettalica out on its first tour) it’s not a huge surprise to see Hershey fold the Heartbeats. The band’s final show will be at the Olivas Adobe in Ventura on Aug. 9.

T.F.W. told fans on Facebook that the band will go on an indefinite hiatus, though members will remain great friends just as they were before starting the blistering doom-laden metal quartet that earned a deal with Tee Pee records. “Nine years of banging heads, blasting eardrums and making friends is now coming to a halt. We don’t feel the need to ‘break up’ because we are still really good friends who enjoy playing/creating music together.” The band also said that reconvening at a later time to jam is not outside the realm of possibility. T.F.W.’s final show will be at Bombay on Saturday, Sept. 20.

The self-titled debut EP from Mother of Dissension is available now. Longtime Ojai artist Attasalina has released a new song, “Heart of the Beast,” with a video in the works. Six Pack of Doom, featuring the hard-working Joel Perkins on vocals, has finished its first record which should be available by the fall. Captions is currently in the studio with Graham Ginsburg, and Wooden Nomad is putting the finishing touches on its second full-length.

Oxnard’s own David Frazier aka Digital Product is usually an open-format DJ, but Aug. 10 will find him in EDM mode as he spins for the Rehab party at the Avalon in Hollywood. If you’re still longing for that EDC action, this might be the next-best thing. This claims to be the biggest party in So Cal among the college set.

Galvanized Souls is receiving national attention in response to its music video for the song “Carry On,” which received 13,000 YouTube views in the first few hours it was posted. The anti-bullying video stars real-life bully victim Colin Cunningham, who traveled from Michigan to Southern California for filming. Last week, the band released a documentary film about the making of the video called We Will Carry On. Galvanized Souls was already on the fast track to fame; these developments could easily get it to the finish line.

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