Nov. 4, 2014 will be a day of infamy in political discourse for years to come. Or it won’t. Either way, as of today, the GOP has a lot to figure out before 2016, and President Barack Obama has a lot of explaining to do if the country is shifting liberal but votes Republican. In a country that is supposedly changing with pro-gay, pro-pot and anti-war values, the voting part of the country came out in support of party led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. This means the Republican Party has two years to present its vision for America, and sadly Obama has already presented his hostile reaction to this historic election.

One of the most staggering facts about the past few months is that every GOP senator who ran and who won made Obamacare their prime target. Ironically, Obama’s policies, if he believes it or not, shot the DNC in the political foot. Senator-elect Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, had this to say: “Small businesses and the American people cannot afford President Obama’s countless new regulations and tax increases. There is a right way and a wrong to improve our country’s health care system, and the president’s health care law just isn’t working. We need patient-centered care and lower costs. It is not too late to start over with a full repeal and replacement of the president’s health care law.”

A full repeal would bring on a hostility unseen in American politics in quite some time and Obama is fighting back with a bully stick. The Daily Mail printed an article detailing a very passive aggressive Commander in Chief.

President Obama stated 14 hours after the election, “Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign,” hinting at bringing out a veto stamp. “I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how Democracy works,” Obama stated. Democracy works by not doing things? I guess I missed that lecture in my government classes.

While Obamacare may never really be more than a venting issue, immigration might be the battle of the decade. Chris Matthews on MSNBC sees a fight between Obama and potential new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The people, if you look at the polling, their problem is illegal immigration,” Matthews said. “[President Obama] says, ‘I’m going to fix the problem.’ He doesn’t mean he’s gonna stop illegal immigration. He’s not going to do anything to stop illegal hiring, which is the magnet for illegal immigration, really. He’s going to basically say, ‘I’m going to deal with them by giving them green cards.’ ”

Matthew went on to complain and prophecy about the future: “There’s something in this guy that just plays to his constituency and acts like there’s no other world out there. And that’s going to be a collision at the end of this year like you’ve never seen. I do believe it will be waving a red flag in front of the bull. I think Mitch McConnell’s headed for a fight with the president.”

The above statement only works if the Republicans vote in McConnell as majority leader. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has already said he’ll vote against him. And Rush Limbaugh was lamenting Wednesday morning that the GOP was elected to fight the president.

Sadly, these midterm elections tend to create more strife within the parties, and therefore less effective government overall. The DNC will need to recalculate how a progressive America that is turning toward gay rights and less restrictive drug laws voted in a conservative bunch of characters, and the GOP will have to decide how to set up a 2016 victory with two old men who lack personality heading the ship. News reports are claiming Democrats are at an all time low in the legislatures since the 1920s. From 1919-1929 the Republicans ruled the roost under a Herbert Hoover mentality, but those same policies brought forth the worst economical era the country ever had, and another Republican wasn’t elected president until Eisenhower in 1952. Could history be repeating?

The country is at a transitional point and the leadership wants to play a game of chicken. Unfortunately, the aftermath might be the American people getting fried and put in the bucket.