America’s justice system is broken from the top to the bottom. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney ordered prisoners to be mercilessly tortured in secret. “Too big to fail bankers” brought down our national economy, taking back 10 million homes, later leasing them back at high rents to the very families they made homeless. Bought-and-paid-for politicians sold out our privacy, our votes and our future to oligarchs and giant corporations who took over our democracy, poisoned our planet and wrecked our climate. Political “criminals” still continue to fuel America’s many potentially apocalyptic problems. The laws they wrote in secret protect them from prosecution. They are above the law.

Policemen who are paid to protect and serve the American public killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner and hundreds more like them. With prosecution excused by secret grand juries, all the killers went free without trial. The police are above the law.

Our government is above the law. They fail to protect the public or prosecute corporate criminality. It is allowing America to be destroyed by the criminal elite because it falsely believes in the degenerate vision of America’s continued economic expansion in a world of limited resources and climate change.

The rule of law must be restored. No matter who the criminals are, they must be given a fair trial. Only then will the American public be able to trust their police and government again and be able to hold up their heads in the knowledge that justice has returned to America.

If American criminality remains above the law unpunished, the public’s outrage will eventually fester and erupt in the heart of every American, until the protests of millions fill the streets demanding justice, blood and revolution.

The only-to-be-expected crimes against ordinary people by the new Republican government will no doubt light the fuse that will make all our anger incendiary and force their authoritarian mode to bring us all under a curfew and martial law.

Republicans promise to give to the rich and outlaw the lives of the hungry and the poor. They will promote the entitlement of big corporations to pay no taxes, against all morality, common sense and the will of the average American citizen. They will destroy and deny health care to millions as a way to ethnically cleanse the population of those with no health care and no vote. They will allow our country’s infrastructure to crumble while they bask in their wealth and corporate-funded opportunities.

Politicians are parasites, voicing their concerns in a vacuum of their own privilege. They support a reign of the haves; like drones they peer down from their high privilege and sense of entitlement and superiority. Their view of the have-nots is academic and intellectual, not empathetic and compassionate. Their plan is to turn each one of us into a marketable commodity.

They will not call for fair taxation and awareness of climate change. They will keep us in a state of terrorist emergency, demanding peace and non-violence from us, whom they oppress, denying justice for criminal bankers, antisocial corporations and horrific polluters who support them.

One in every three children in America are hungry, prisons are overflowing; we have had enough, the militarized police are ready, above the law, brandishing weapons and pepper spray.

Where is our screaming outrage? Thousands are protesting in the streets but we will need more massive protests for wage and tax fairness. We need wall-to-wall city protests to save the climate from the Republican system that allows the psychopathic elite to embrace its criminality, diminish our rights and destroy our planet’s future.

We must not accept the continuous lies and media poison of the sly-as–a-Fox propaganda machine; it never tells us the truth. It seeks only to terrify the public mind with disingenuous inflated problems. The blame, guilt and hypocrisy are never its fault, it claims, but are created against them by its fabrication of its own evil desires and imagination. It will never show us the truth or focus on the terror of the future being created for us by our corporate and political enemies, who in its denial of climate change are the executioners of our time. Its funding corporations are psychopaths, without empathy, compassion or morals; it is addicted to its  continuous profit at our continuous expense.  

We are slaves to our cold-blooded overlords; we are dependent on their psychopathic corporate thinking that consumes the world and ensures their absolute control.

Why are these heartless blood-sucking creatures killing our world with their disgusting betrayal of everything human beings are? Why do we remain politically correct, polite and silent? We show them respect and appeal to their reason, and they crush our protest because they are psychopaths. They don’t care for human life.

The psychopathic elite taught us to be compliant and politically correct to keep us in line so they could prosper at our expense.We must deny our political correctness and act against them. Our outrage expresses our truth; our resistance is essential.  

Christopher Judges is an actor and a writer living in Ventura.