Have we finally got what we deserve? Is Trump the trump card that we have been waiting for? Is this where we want to be?  Do we like being treated with contempt, as if we are born and bred morons? Do we even realize it? And if so, at what point will we walk out on it, turn away, denounce it, remove it from our screens? What first seemed a joke, albeit a bad one, is now quickly becoming reality, also a bad one. Trump as King. How long will we let him get away with it?

He got a taste of it in his business dealings because he makes his own deals; and if you don’t like it, you just don’t deal with him. He got a taste of it on his television show because if he doesn’t like you, he “fires” you. He got a taste of it in the Republican “debate” (What debate? Debacle is more like it.) where his message was, and continues to be, if you wave your arms around enough and holler loudly enough, then everyone will buy in because people like the show; really, don’t worry about the message. Besides, truth be told, we do like the message. He doesn’t really answer any questions; he just keeps referring to his own rhetoric and how well he is doing in the polls. He keeps reminding us of what he wants us to know, and believe. So we do. And how is that possible?

Is it because at long last Trump is saying what we really want to hear? Really want said? When he complains about “political correctness,” is he echoing what we are really wishing for? Away with PC!!  We really want to be able to say the “N” word whenever and wherever we want.  We really want to say “Send the Mexicans back to Mexico.” We really want to hear that the poor should just get jobs and get off of welfare because we don’t want to support them. We don’t want health insurance for everyone, so let’s get rid of it. And are we ready to declare war on nations that don’t agree with us — because they don’t agree with us? Or with Trump?  Because he’s made it clear, HE knows how to negotiate and HE won’t let anyone get away with anything.  So war it is.  We’re going to develop one gigantic military under King Trump!

And if anyone — ANYONE — thinks that the issue of racism is not first and foremost here, they had better think again. Trump refers to Ferguson (white and black) as a place where Mexican crime takes place, and he’s going to send “those illegals” back to Mexico. What Mexican crime? Who is he sending back to Mexico from Ferguson? He is bringing racists out of their ugly black holes in droves.  A sheriff from Ohio so enraged at Mexican “illegals,” his brow had furrows deeper than our San Andreas fault, and practically spitting his words out on the air. A former head of the KKK who is slobbering with glee at Trump’s position on “the illegals.” His constant repetition of getting rid of the 11 million and building that wall.  And was it just an oversight that he had Jorge Ramos kicked out of his rally? And then brought back in because “Uh-oh!  What have we done on national TV?” No, we know what this is really about:  Let’s get this country back to being white.  In fact, Trump’s insistence that he doesn’t have time for political correctness is the door to racism. “Come on in,” he’s saying. “The racism’s fine for us white people! Break out those un-PC comments and have a ball! And we’ll get rid of all those illegals and their anchor babies together! And we can SAY what we WANT!”  

 (And let’s not even get into his “love of women.” {He’s married enough of them.} He loves them … just as long as they stay in the kitchen and the bedroom and are not fat or slobs. … Or Mexican?)

Doesn’t any of this sound familiar to anyone? Have we forgotten our own history so quickly? No, it won’t be a dark -haired, stupid-mustached little man, but, in his place ….

Will we support/elect a Trump to the White House so that we can have a blond (dyed, but who cares?), white, piggy-faced little man as King of the United States? If this is what you really want, this is what you really will get. For those of us who actually care about this nation and its people, we will be left to bury the bones and soul of a country that was, it seemed, finally on its way to becoming a just society. I have no doubt that King Trump will want to perform the graveyard services. G-d help us all. G-d bless America.

Jan Richman Schulman is a resident of Oxnard.