With more than 150 entries to judge this year, there was a decent amount of variety, though we must admit, we had more than our fair share of sunset and surfer pictures from which to choose. Though those entries made up about one-third of the total, we found our top choices mainly among the obscure and unusual. We also received several friend and family pictures, the kind that are mostly relegated to Facebook and private texts and emails, which were fun to see but were not among the top choices. In the end, it boiled down to a curious story or an eye catching moment or unusual angle. Mystery and emotion took precedence in this year’s judging. The judges included Michael Sullivan, Thomas Gapen, David Comden and our sponsor, Greg Montano of Dexter’s Camera in Ventura. We now present this year’s photo contest winners and honorable mentions. Enjoy!


Second Place Prize Winner, First Place Color
Mike Morrison

“Half Dome after winter storm Cara.”


Third Place Color
Mikka Flores



Honorable Mention
John Ferrittto

“Flying Horse”
“Photo taken at Ventura Fair Rodeo.”


Black and White
Grand Prize Winner,
First Place Black and White

Grant Ball

“11 and 8 on 11/8”
“11 was sad that day because being 11 is harder than we remember.
8 was just chillin’. My daughters, Olive and Ava Ball.”


Black and White
Second Place
Black and White
Loren Haar

“Who wants cake?”
“I loved how the light was so bright behind the girls but soft and radiant under the canopy. The adults are near, including the adult hands getting the cake ready to serve, but the focus is on the girls and their reactions to that age-old question, “Who wants cake?” ”


Honorable Mention
Karen Pagano

“Jackson readies for the election season.”


Honorable Mention
Barbara Clinch-Jones



Honorable Mention
Michelle Stevens

"Photo taken in Madagascar."

*NOTE: The prize winners can redeem the prizes at Dexter’s Camera at 5 N. Pacific Ave., Ventura, or by emailing editor@vcreporter.com for a dinner for two. Prize winners will only receive one prize. A winner for third place black and white was not chosen. Second place color, third place prize winner is the cover image by John Ferritto, Hang On, taken at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.