Accepting responsibility 

Mr. Moomjean in his Right Persuasion has at long last found his final excuse for the racist, hate-filled success of Donald Trump (“The Trump conspirary,” 4/7). It’s all Hillary’s fault. The one thing one can always count on from the party which prattles on and on about personal responsibility, NEVER ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR OWN ACTIONS!

Grow up, Mr. Moomjean. Accept responsibility for your actions. The success of Donald Trump is the Republican party’s catering to the racists since Nixon’s southern strategy. The success of Ted Cruz is the consequence of the Republican party catering to religious bigots since George H. W. Bush enlisted his ne’er-do-well son, George W., to solicit their support in his campaign in 1988.

Norm Rodewald

“Con”trails, chemtrails

Your recent report by Chris O’Neal about cloud-seeding (Apr. 7) omits some important facts about what he calls jet “contrails” (condensation trails) and conveniently replaces them with outdated information about older jet engine technology. 

The only reason I am aware of the difference is because of my own concerns about the alarming amount of jet-created “clouds” that are being created in our skies every single day here in Ventura. I’m speaking, of course, about the miles-long, milky white translucent vapor/gaseous chemical mixtures being spewed by these jets that billow out until they disappear into a fine mist. The fact is that modern jets’ turbine engines produce very little if any condensation trails. They are called “high bypass” engines. You can verify this by looking for passenger jets in the sky that leave little or no “contrails.”

The actual composition of what we are being literally fumigated with is unfortunately not available for public review. The best you can do is visit the website of the leading scientific watchdog group in California, Geo Engineering Watch (, where you can watch a number of informative videos on the subject and learn for yourself what you are being fumigated with against your will. The actual findings by the scientists analyzing water and snowpack samples from our forests (where their samples are not tainted by any industrial activities other than by the constant spraying of aerosols by secretive climate-control jets) will not only convince you that these are anything but “contrails” but will literally shock you as to the impacts that these programs are having on our health and the planet. 

The only “con” trails that I am aware of (regarding this issue) are the ones coming from misleading articles like the one recently published in your paper. The only thing accurate in this article was that some water agencies are funding cloud-seeding efforts that involve shooting silver nitrate into the sky from land-based canons. These agencies can in no way afford to finance the incredible amount of chemical-spraying activity from jet aircraft! This is a climate-control program that is of an international scale. Just visit the website listed above to see for yourself. 

You really need to do a bit more research into things before you send them to print.

Lilyan Barrett

Sorely disappointed

Re: “Sowing the Seeds of Rain,” the recent article on weather manipulation

I got very excited when I saw this story but was sorely disappointed in its content. If we can’t tell the difference between clearly defined, short-lived contrails and horizon-to-horizon feathering chemtrails, God help us.

Sharon McCormick