(Measure) F is for Falsehood

Thank you for your clear coverage of the SOAR renewal effort (News, 10/13), Measure C, and the competing Measure F. A Measure F mailer just arrived in mailboxes and it has added yet another falsehood to the campaign of misinformation to intentionally deceive voters.  

In the recent mailer, Measure F people have put out the falsehood that SOAR will stop a farmer from building a barn. You can check for yourself by going to this link and typing in the search word “barn” to see all the barn permits given under SOAR: http://www.vcrma.org/buildingsafety/ 

SOAR’s Measure C does require a vote of the people to rezone farmland and open space to urban development. Barns and other agricultural accessory buildings don’t require a vote of the people. 

You can add this F Falsehood to the list.

Linda Parks
Ventura County Supervisor, District 2

Vote yes on Measure C

In the years since SOAR was originally passed, it has fulfilled its promise and we in Ventura County have continued to enjoy open space and a vibrant agricultural base. We’ve chosen to raise our children here because of the positive environment and lifestyle, but those things are now in serious jeopardy. Outside interests, including developers, are pulling a bait-and-switch with the voters. There’s a reason you see large, expensive Measure F signs on empty lots everywhere. Special interests have poured money into F, marketing it as a sustainable farming measure, when in fact it is meant to gut SOAR. Meanwhile, backers of Measure C, the extension of our existing SOAR initiative, are struggling to get the word out because they don’t have deep pockets backing them. If Measure F passes, it will lead to the development of thousands of housing units across the county on farm land adjacent to our children’s schools. I urge local residents to get the facts on the soarvc.org website, and vote down Measure F.

Kevin Keigwin

Johnny Johnston for Ojai mayor

In choosing their first elected mayor, voters in the city of Ojai are presented with a remarkable opportunity. Johnny Johnston is a statesman, not a mere politician, and this is the first time he has run for office. He is doing so not because he needs the job, but because he cares passionately about this city where he has lived for the past 45 years and where generations of his family reside. In the 1970s he and a handful of others stopped Caltrans from building freeways through the valley. Later, as an executive with Ventura County, he initiated the Ojai Valley Trail and saved the county from going bankrupt. He is a famous crisis manager, and his top priority now is the drought that threatens Ojai’s future. He also wants to restore civility and a sense of respect at City Hall. This is an opportunity for voters to call on the wisdom, leadership, and authenticity of the generation that preserved Ojai in the first place, decades ago. Johnston may come from outside the political establishment, but he knows exactly how things work. Voters should seize this rare opportunity and elect him mayor.

John Broesamle

Don Wood for VUSD Board

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support of Don Wood for Ventura Unified School District Board of Education.

I have known Don for over 45 years. Don was a model student. Even as a teen, Don exhibited leadership and contributed to our community as a coach to youth teams. This was only the beginning of Don’s active participation in making his community a more desirable place to live.

Attending Occidental College, he graduated among the top of his class. At GTE/Verizon, Don quickly moved up the corporate ladder. His ability to relate to others added to his reputation for team-building among all he encountered;, from the board room to the mail room. Hard work was Don’s calling card. 

Yet Don never lost sight of his priorities;: loving husband to his wife, Stacy, of 30 years; proud father to his daughter, Paige; and an active member of the Ventura community.

Now looking to add to his 22 years of continuous involvement with the Ventura Educational Partnership, including four years as president and over 20 American Cancer Society Relay for Life events, Don is excited about the opportunity to serve on the VUSD Board of Education to help pave the way for all of our children to pursue their dreams.

Among his priorities are to create a path to success for all students, college-bound and non-college-bound; bolstering our technical education and business internships.

Don believes that long-term planning, smart fiscal leadership, smaller class size at the elementary level and arts education at all levels are vital.

His commitment to be visible and listen to your priorities as well as his ability to advocate on behalf of our district’s children make Don Wood a smart choice for Ventura Unified School District Board of Education.

Steven Glick