With every photo contest comes a whole slew of surprises that reveal the lives and passions of local residents and our readers, which, this year, also included a kiss from a sloth. Surely, locals are passionate about nature and sunsets, their children and their pets, bugs, flame throwers and clouds as well. Ventura County is totally eclectic. This year, however, what caught our eye was … an eye, a different viewpoint, amazing color and the Super Moon, plus, just for fun, those who embraced the holiday spirit. Enjoy our annual photo contest winners and honorable mentions. 

NOTE: For Prize Winners, we chose three total of the six placeholders for both categories, color and black and white. Only Prize Winners, as mentioned before category winners, can redeem prizes at Dexter’s Camera at 5 N. Pacific Ave., Ventura.


First Place Grand Prize Winner

First Place Black and White
Steve Cattanach

“Our local lifeguard tower on the south side of the Ventura pier.”




Second Place Prize Winner

First Place Color (On the cover)
Kristopher Skromme

“Capture the Good Times”
“Photo of a healthy Iris captured under a 16x microscope at Two Trees Optometry.”




Third Place Prize Winner

Second Place Black and White
Thomas Trigo

“One magical morning at our historical Ventura Pier. The water was warm, glassy, and the waves were just about perfect for shooting in the shore break. It was Sept. 20, which also happened to be the 13-year anniversary to my lovely wife, Dawn.”



Third Place Black and White
Maddie Wilson

“This was shot in my backyard in Thousand Oaks in the late afternoon. Shot with a 70-200 lens at F/2.8 with all natural light.”




Second Place Color
Steve Cattanach

“This one is with the Super Moon trying to give that local feel to the image.”







Third Place Color
Chris Barrett

“My wife and daughter at Castle Rock Farms in Moorpark.”






Honorable Mention
Steve Cattanach

“This is taken underneath the Ventura pier on a magical evening that produced a sunset that was just unbelievable.”





Honorable Mention
Jeff D. Muth

“Manzanar Cemetery Monument”
“The Cemetery at Manzanar War Relocation Center, just north of Lone Pine, California. 





Honorable Mention
Bonnie Ortiz

“Top of Bee Canyon Park in Granada Hills on the evening of the Super Moon on November 13th with my Canon SX260HS.”






Honorable Mention
Marty Glassman

“Molly & Murray.”







Honorable Mention 
Barbie Wolf

“Oh the Joy of Christmas!”







Honorable Mention
Sherry Gotlieb

Kissed by a sloth
“It’s not everyday that a violet-haired senior (Sherry) gets kissed by a sloth (Jessica).”







Honorable Mention
Gayle McKenna

“Kayaking amongst skyscrapers on the Chicago River.”







Just one more
Calvin J. Meuser

“Merry Christmas”
“This is me and my family from the 1970s in Huntington, New York. My parents didn’t see it until recently when they were digitizing the old slides. I got away with it for decades.”