Seems Nextdoor stole an identity

Reiterating what the public and Nextdoor website have stated at Channel Islands Harbor Boat Parade and are saying about the grandiosity state of mental health, of latest stunt pulled by Lauraine Effresss (no credentials), who also likes yelling a lot, at all the guests at HBCA fundfaiser at PCYC, who says she is a helping cause for CI Harbor.

Now Nextdoor leads are ranting about a Navy veteran, Bruce Johnson, a REAL HERO; they are trying to claim he is not real, when this person volunteered for them and gave his time for this harbor effort.

Not sure why these woman have singled a vet out but it just needs to stop, the way they hurt people behind their keyboards with false postings and news about an alleged canceled parade, THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT POWER though they want you to believe this. They now take identities and try and trash them with no evidence.

It’s the mean OZes behind their FAKE curtains! I am exposing them, there are more!

Lauraine and two other leads from Nextdoor (Anna Proussslis and Suzanne Jellitson) are now trying to ruin the credibility of a 20-year U.S. Navy vet (home port-PH) and this must not be allowed. They personally attacked him via Nextdoor and just said false things about him and many too, and it’s just wrong and needs to stop. These are NOT my neighbors!

Nextdoor’s mission is to help our community, not to troll and hurt our community and with the latest nonsense just because there is no First Amendment on Nextdoor, certain people think they can say and do anything. We must fight fake news that hurts, not helps.

Fake fundraisers we hear, then leads go on vacation, so we need to expose them now.

They do not get to spread false rumors on Nextdoor about a veteran or anybody else, place in an unreadable area, and then cut off from defending his life and reputation. This is what they are using Nextdoor for currently.

Please help us; this is a terrible thing to do to a person and use that kind of arrogance to upset a hometown event too. Something is VERY wrong with Nextdoor if they aim to foster this behavior.

I truly would appreciate your help with righting this major wrong and stand up for this vet and thank him for his service!

I know you promote truth in your venue and that is important. Just not fair to this man and his family! Trying to do the right thing here and speak up! It happens too much,

These women wielding such false power and they are trolls at this point.

It is unpatriotic to treat this veteran this way and it makes me mad that they can do this to our neighbors and slander them.

By the way, Bruce Johnson says thank you to the wonderful people he met that tried to help him, he really appreciates that and will see you around.

Dotty Pringle
CI Harbor research
Independent activist
Local since the ’60s

Holiday Re-Do

I have a couple ideas to help our local economy in regards to recent tragic Thomas Fire.
My suggestion for the local economy is to have a Holiday Re-Do, Feb. 25 as an example. This gives all the businesses, companies, nonprofits, clubs and individuals an opportunity to RE-DO their parties and events that were canceled due to the Thomas Fire.
This will help the local economy and bring some fun to the fairly quiet winter season. By having this in February, it gives everyone time to re-plan their events, send invitations, engage venues and caterers, etc.
Gifts can be part of the fun, even to donate to charity.
Let’s get this idea spread!
One more idea is for landlords of commercial space to forgive a month of rent for local businesses affected by loss of business due to the fire. If they can’t afford a full month of rent how about a partial reduction?
Spread the word.

Karen Lehrer

Respect the flag

I was with my friend at the fluff-and-fold on Main Street doing laundry. We went across the street to the Fresh Grill on 1876 Main Street, which is a Mexican takeout restaurant. My friend, who is a veteran with PTSD, noticed the flag they have up is ripped with holes and actually should be thrown away. He was very offended and tried to explain to the girl at the counter that it’s a disgrace and they need a new flag. She, of course, was young and didn’t understand other than the fact that this old man was quite distressed. She was very rude after that, which I understand and is neither here nor there. What I would like to do is fix the problem. What can I do as a civilian to get that flag replaced? I am very proud of the soldiers who fought in that war but unfortunately Trump has put us in a position where we have to tip-toe around other countries and their ideals. If I thought I could buy a flag and they would put it up I would; but after the response we got there, I think it just might add more fuel to the fire. I know this probably seems unimportant with what we are going through in Ventura right now. But I want to go do laundry with him and let him know that what he did in Vietnam was important for all of us, not just America. 

Patty Ward

Following Santa, Rudolph and Frosty

Paul Moomjean’s Dec. 21 editorial decries the rise of the secular celebration of Christmas, mocking “magical reindeer,” “talking snowmen” and “invisible toy shops.” He implies moral superiority of celebrating a religion that has had some leaders over the millennia condone murder, robbery, rape, robbery, pedophiles and slavery. Wars have not been fought in Santa’s name, unlike Christianity and many other religions.

Santa’s philosophy is pretty simple — be nice, not naughty. Bring hope and joy to everybody — treat everybody equally regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Santa and Rudolph stood up to bullies — then they forgave the perpetrators and worked together with them to bring joy to children around the world. Frosty bravely spent his last day of existence bringing hope and good cheer to children. With his final words, he selflessly urged the children to move on with their lives. Frosty provides an uplifting example of reincarnation to a better life someday — consistent with many of the world’s religions.

I agree with Moomjean’s criticism of rampant consumerism. Let me point out that Santa only brings one toy to each child, handmade by happy elves who, no doubt, are paid a living wage. Santa doesn’t storm the malls to buy toys made by child labor in sweatshops in Third-World countries.

If all of humankind followed the beliefs of Santa, Rudolph and Frosty, we would have peace on earth.

Steve Vernon

Why is Trump still in office?

Trump’s unhinged lying crap is rammed down our throats every day like quick-drying cement. We can only choke on it. We must push back or else America will die at the hand of this impotent, sadistic fascist. He will surely kill millions, bomb or no bomb. Trump’s psychopathic administration’s inhuman criminality hastens America’s demise, while their bank accounts balloon like dead bodies pulled from oceans sick with intoxicants and pollution.

Trump’s first statement that “Mexicans are rapists” should have disqualified him right there. He had 3 MILLION votes LESS than Clinton and yet he still won? The right-wing deep state has duped us, making us believe that every vote counts, while 3 million votes were ignored. Tell me again, why is it that American democracy keeps this monster in office?

Why is Trump allowed to act against the wishes, the welfare and the future of every American? Why are those suffering from overwhelming inequality still voting for him? Are they zombies? Why has Trump not been removed by any and all means necessary? He disenfranchises the blacks, the poor, seniors, immigrants and veterans. He pisses over science, climate change, education, trade and the judicial system. He emboldens the criminal police force and creates fear and anxiety for every man, woman and child in America every day.

He supports sticking his hands up women’s dresses as his right to do what he wants. He alienates our international allies, picks fights with crazy nuclear powers, raises taxes on the weak and ignores the homeless and the destitute. He laughs at the afflicted and holds the nation hostage to build a useless border wall. He alienates a billion Muslims, enlarges the military until it is obscene, and manufactures enemies like new hotels across the world.

He gives huge breaks to the super-rich and vomits lies all over the American people as though they were his own gold-plated private lavatory.  He happily allows oil companies to pollute our rivers and drinking water in exchange for filling his overflowing pockets with millions of dollars for drilling rights to our heritage lands.

Trump thrives on our misery and his own destructive power. Behind the scenes he advocates for more and more hardship and economic struggle for regular people. He does nothing for infrastructure, health care or for any of those suffering under the pressure of his cloven hoof. He has no empathy, no compassion, no sympathy, no conscience or care for others. He cares about no one but himself. We are so distracted by his continuous assaults on our sanity we are unable to protest one problem before he creates another for us to protest.  

Why is this madman still in office? 

Christopher Judges
Eugene, Oregon (former Ventura resident)

Tar and feathers

Suggestions from Hunter S. Thompson :”Fuck the tourists, dead-end the highway, zone the greedheads out of existence, and in general create a town where people can live like human beings.” Every morning I see crews sweeping and collecting trash on Main Street for the vacuous stumbling out-of-towners while the garbage piles up on the Avenue. We were promised trash cans to collect debris but I ain’t seen any. What the hell happened to Kellogg Park? Oh, no money. But we can sure spend money like drunken sailors on film schools, parking garages, belated water-system repair expenses tacked onto our utility bills. No wonder Oxnard wants to throw its own bums out. I have the tar and feathers. Bring the rail. 

Richard Goad

Savage fits

The remark by Grant Marcus in an early December issue of the VCReporter on racism inherent in the blacklisting of Mr. Colin Kaepernick is quite nearly complete and strikes a chord in all our understandings but deserves a further elaboration to make itself yet more useful.

To Mr. Marcus’ remarks then I should like to add: it has ever been, and still is the bait of Euro-Americans to hold their neighbors of color (among which, I include myself) to higher standard of courtesy than they observe themselves and accordingly to punish them more severely for divergence from that higher code.

This, by itself, should not be entirely an evil, if it indeed induced the colored peoples of the United States (wehther of Asiatic, South American of African descent) to exceed their white neighbors in courtesy, self-control and erudition; but because it additionally reduces and weakens the virtues of patience, compassion and tolerance in Euro-Americans and rather causes them to break out in savage fits of intemperate rage and makes them vindictive, it presents itself as an evil indeed.

Siddarth Mehrotra