Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will soon bail out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, erm, sorry, the Republican Congress.

Monty Python was a British TV comedy in the 1970s. It was farcical, creative, cynical and surreal. Outrageous whoppers were passed off with straight faces. Notable scenes were the Dead Parrot (pet store owner insisting a parrot he sold is not dead); Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink (pretty obvious); and the Lumberjack Song (by a transvestite wannabe lumberjack whose girlfriend laments, “Oh, I thought you were so rugged!”).

All of this helps us to understand Republican aerobatic stunts, economic policy (jobs, growth) and fiscal policy (taxation, spending, debt).

Sharper Focus routinely attacks Reaganomics. It is supposed to make everyone richer. But as Pope Francis points out, the wealth created by economic growth goes to the plutocrats, not the worker bees. Check: Dead Parrot. President Reagan almost tripled national debt. So what? VP Dick Cheney said, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” Check: Cynicism, Straight Face.

With Reaganomics, President Bush Junior doubled National Debt to $10.6 trillion. This does not count his failed wars, adding another $5.6 trillion. Check: Dead Parrot, Whopper, Straight Face.

Republicans then pulled a U-turn stunt and screamed bloody murder about deficits when President Barack Obama took over. Ryan said that the growing debt (from Reaganomics, remember) was our “greatest crisis.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it “America’s most serious long-term problem.” Check: Straight Faces, Farce.

But then it was chocks away and rev ’er up, boys! Ryan and McConnell pulled another U-turn. They revved up the deficits. President Donald Trump gave his full blessing. As to deficits, We Thought They Were So Rugged!

“Deficits, debt are projected to run amok under Trump” said the headline of the Los Angeles Times of April 10, reporting the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s findings: “Debt held by the public, which has doubled in the past 10 years as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product, will approach 100 percent of GDP by 2028.” Translation: Our Flying Circus ran up enormous debt with nothing to show for it — no wars won, no infrastructure built, nothing but borrowed money shoveled into their cronies’ pockets. Their tax “reform” alone will add $1.9 triollion to national debt (CBO). Check: Cynicism, Creativity, Whoppers, Farce.  

Ryan’s legacy is atrocious. He never stood up to Trump. He placed party before country. Yet Trump does his utmost to wreck both. Check: Surreal.

Ryan tried to wreck Obamacare. He failed. No problem; he simply put a poison pill into the tax legislation. The CBO estimated that 23 million Americans will lose health insurance as a result. Ryan loved attacking the weakest and poorest Americans (for their own good, of course), always with that pure, far-away look in his eyes (think of all that “freedom”). Check: Dead Parrot.

He loved making billionaires even richer, saying it was the “Path to Prosperity.” Too bad it was not your prosperity. Too bad he just loaded up Uncle Sam’s credit card. Check: Outrageous Whopper, Straight Face. But Ryan’s covering up for Trump’s whoppers, corruption and incompetence backfired. Democrats have been gaining seats galore in special elections. This is why Ryan will fly off into the sunset.

Trumpski’s Flying Circus has hit stormy weather. It was created by Florida’s school shooting survivors, special counsel Robert Mueller and porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump’s attorney sent her $130,000, purely from the goodness of his heart, but now claims Trump never knew her. Check: Whopper; Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.

We save the best for last. Trump told Wolf Blitzer on CNN on March 21, 2004: “The economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.” Trump inherited a strong economy from Obama and is now doing his best to wreck it, with debt and a trade war. While he makes valid points regarding the trade deficit, he approaches the delicately balanced global economy like a bull in a china shop. Check … the Full Monty.

Having run up so much debt, Ryan said with a Straight Face, “The deficit increase is due to entitlement spending.” Republicans now say they must balance the budget (!) and, yes, raid Social Security. This is a spooky Entitlement, you see. Darn tootin’ right it is. I paid into it and now I’m entitled to it, just like any other annuity. Check: Cynicism, Creativity, Whopper.  

If you do not know whether to laugh or cry — cry, very hard. It is your country these jokers are wrecking, robbing us blind and sticking our kids with the tab. Rep. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, thinks his voters do not understand any of this farce. Sorry, Steve, we are coming for you. We have a remedy: Chocks away; rev ’er up; take off toward a polling place. We vote.