Answer to a Prayer

Your article (“Food obsessed,” feature, July 27) was an answer to a prayer. I joined the Oxnard FA group in July of last year. I have lost 55 pounds and my life has changed sooo extensively that it’s hard to explain. Our little Saturday morning Oxnard group started in April of last year.

It’s a small group of six to 12 people, but it definitely passed the message on to me. I found out about FA after praying for help with my food addiction. The next day I met a woman who had prayed the day before for someone to help. She became my sponsor.

I see the devastating consequences of the disease of food addiction every day and wonder what can be done to help others. In FA we can’t promote ourselves, however, we can inform. Just like in AA we follow the traditions that say that we must remain personally anonymous at the level of press, radio and films.

I’ve been praying that somehow people that need FA find out about us.

I was shocked and delighted today, while going into The Green Thumb, to see this article. Right away I took pictures and sent them to all the people in my group.

I wanted to thank you and let you know that we meet in Oxnard, Saturday mornings at 9 a.m., St. John’s Hospital, the basement, conference rooms 5 and 6.

A few of us would be happy to meet with you and tell you our stories if you are at all interested. Please feel free to visit our meeting.

Thank you so much for answering my prayer.

Food addiction free
(asked to remain anonymous)

Logical solution to CO2 problem

It is pretty well agreed, by most global warming experts, that Co2 is a BIGGIE contributor to the problem, among DOZENS of other contributing causes. I have a logical solution to the problem, and it involves TREES and MILLIONS of Americans.
During WWII, millions of Americans (young and old) were involved in rounding up scrap metal and rubber for the war effort. It was extremely successful and helped our military industries produce the weapons and vehicles needed by our armed forces.
With the foregoing in mind, why not have a MASSIVE, NATIONWIDE, WWII-STYLE effort, involving MILLIONS of citizens (young and old) to plant MILLIONS OF TREES? Trees thrive on Co2 and guess what folks? They produce OXYGEN!
So, by planting MILLIONS of trees, with MILLIONS of volunteers nationwide, a massive amount of Co2 would be replaced with OXYGEN!
Can it be done? YES! Will it be done? NOT LIKELY! Why? We MIGHT have to rely on politicians, in the District of Crime (DC) to get it started, with appropriate funding and/or legislation. The alternative is go get THOUSANDS of organizations involved in the nationwide tree planting effort: Elks, Rotary Club, Masons, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, schools (elementary thru high school), and thousands of others. Who could possibly
get that many groups together to do anything other than squabble with each other?
So there it is folks. What do you think about this LOGICAL idea for solving the CO2 aspect of global warming?  Our very survival on this planet is at stake to keep us from turning into another Venus!

John Jay

Killer climate change

The heat waves, wildfires, floods and rising of the oceans have begun. Climate change is upon us

If there is any human history left when the time comes to make a reckoning, President Trump and his political and business cronies who call climate change a hoax for their own selfish purposes will be seen as contributing to the deaths of millions if not billions of human beings.

Will they be judged in the same way history judges Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong?

Clive Leeman

Can’t wait it out

I work at a golf course. You know growing up I didn’t know what my dad thought or was but I knew I didn’t want to be like that. Later I understood that what he was saying was bad at best and racist at worst. But what to do? So I thought that well, as a country, we’ll outgrow that, that eventually every one of my dad’s generation will be dead. And with them, ignorance and racial intolerance. In other words all the crackers, who you can’t convince anyway, would be dead. Then the other day a gentleman came into the golf shop and he said I needed to come with him cause there was something in the bathroom I needed to see. So I locked the shop and went with him to the men’s bathroom. He pointed out that in one of the stalls someone had written on the exposed cardboard, beneath the chrome metal holder of the toilet seat liners, cardboard container. I don’t know what it said cause as soon as I saw the N word I tore that piece of cardboard out of there.

I remember thinking “Jesus.” Several thoughts went through my head, amongst them, disgust, that it was one of our white golfers; that my current thinking, or thought, is correct. I’ve had my current thought for years but this is the first time I have tried to shared it, in print, in a public forum. And that thought is that we cannot wait it out. In our homes, our churches and in our schools we need to talk all the time about equality and inequality. Talk about the crackers that still live in America. Educate or shun them. I don’t have the solution. But everyone in our United States should know, be taught every day, that prejudice is wrong, that it divides us, that that is what ignorant people believe. That maybe it’s not their fault, and that it is never too late to be enlightened. And that you and I will not hang out with, and certainly not play golf with, anyone that has those beliefs.

As long as it is easier to have friends, gain an advantage over a coworker, male or female, in the work place or just make you feel better about yourself by being a racist, misogynistic dumb a**, people will continue to be so. Maybe someone you know.

Bill Logan

Our carelessness

It is sometimes said that the wealthy of the Earth, whose own carelessness has brought about global warming, must necessarily be afflicted themselves by its effects before they consent to reduce it.

To many of us in Southern California, that time has come. When every month is hotter than its namesake of last year; when our gardens, farms and orchards wilt, and we cannot spare the water to revive them; when crops run short in the market; when we can scarcely take a dog for a walk for fear of overheating it (and ourselves); when we cannot go hiking, take a bicycle or even “beat the heat” at the beach or the swimming pool, for fear of sunstroke en route; the time is indeed come to draw down pollution from the atmosphere, install solar panels on every roof and replace all internal-combustion engines with electric motors.

Siddharth Mehrotra