Author: Alicia Doyle

LEAVING THE U.S. | Longtime Ventura resident settles in London in Trump protest

Diane Huntington Loring, a local spa owner for 35 years and founder of a nonprofit that promotes women in sports, has closed her business and left America as a direct result of the election of Donald Trump. “I left primarily because, politically, I am appalled again that for the second time in 10 years American women, having held 54 percent of the vote and with absolute power, were unable to elect a qualified female candidate,” said Loring, 65. “They chose a junkyard dog, glitzy guy, constantly engaged in inappropriate adolescent behavior with zero diplomatic skills,” she said, “who puts...

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HOMESPUN | Licity Collins

For as long as she can remember, Licity Collins has connected with catchy songs, orchestral layered sound, and detailed, storied lyrics. The first album she owned was Beethoven’s Fifth (aka Symphony No. 5) with Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony on the flip side. Her first eight-track was Tony Orlando and Dawn. And when she was old enough to buy her own music, she bought the cassette of Paul Simon’s Greatest Hits etc. “I’ve sung my whole life and had an amazing, radical music teacher in elementary and middle school that believed in the voices of youth,” recalled Collins of Ojai. “She...

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JOINT PROGRAMMING | BakeOut TV gets to the heart of cannabis

A nationally recognized nutritionist and multiple-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) world champion are co-hosting a new talk show that strives to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis through objective information. The mission of BakeOut TV, and its local weekly production of The BakeOut, is to provide educational television that involves discussions about the medicinal uses of cannabis for specific ailments, while dispelling myths and stereotypes about the plant. “There are a lot of federal restrictions on accurate information becoming available to the public,” said Robert Ferguson of Ventura, a certified nutritionist and fitness expert who has authored...

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HOMESPUN | Mark Heyes

When Mark Heyes first heard The Beatles at age 9, little did he know it was the beginning of his life-long love for music — and a thriving musical career. “From the beginning, my heart resonated with anything that George Harrison did, from his very tasteful lead guitar playing to the way he carried his life,” recalled Heyes, whose passion for music sparked when he heard “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You.” “George Harrison was not afraid of breaking the mold and not afraid to break trends with the peace and love movement that was...

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THROUGH A GLASS BRIGHTLY | Simi Valley’s Bottle Village makes plans for renovation

Looking at the endless recycled items that were artistically used to build Grandma Prisbey’s Bottle Village in Simi Valley, it’s hard to pinpoint the mindset of the self-taught architect who started turning trash into treasure in the mid-1950s. Some say the late Tressa Prisbrey was a maverick for collecting hundreds of thousands of bottles to make walls for the structures located on a third of an acre on Cochran Street. Others believe her self-taught artistry was a catalyst to battle depression after outliving two husbands and six of her seven children. One thing’s for certain: Tressa “Grandma” Prisbrey was...

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