Author: Alicia Doyle

SILVER LINING | Breast cancer survivor managed bad chemo effects with own skin-care line

When Lupe Guthrie was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 53, she was forced to adjust to her new life as a cancer patient. “My usual daily routine ended as I was thrown into a whirlwind of doctor appointments, blood tests, scans to see if the cancer had spread, surgery, medications, chemotherapy and radiation,” recalled Guthrie, now 65, of Agoura Hills. “Then, in consultation with the oncology doctors, my husband and I agreed to start the fight.” In the beginning, her diagnosis “was all very confusing” and she was scared and uncertain about...

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GRITTY, FOLKSY AND UNTRADITIONAL | The Sam Chase and The Untraditional come to Dancing Oak Ranch

Born and raised in San Francisco, Sam Chase’s passion for music began when his father sang him to sleep every night with renditions of his favorite songs. “So the first time I ever heard Dylan, Paul Simon, Buffy Sainte-Marie, were through his raucous interpretations,” Chase recalled. “I thought he wrote them long after I was old enough to know better. Even though that made quite an impression on me, I didn’t think that music was my calling until I found Nirvana, grunge and punk rock.” Today, Chase and his band — which he lovingly refers to as The Untraditional...

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FAMILY TIES | Special 150 year reunion of the kin of Ventura County settlers

The development of Ventura County is largely attributed to the Borchard family, who were responsible for the first commercial crop on the Oxnard plain in the 1800s. The family’s impact on the area began in 1867, when Christian Borchard and his son, John Edward “Ed” Borchard, planted the first commercial crop of 30 acres of wheat and 30 acres of barley. Within a decade, their crops grew to nearly 40,000 acres of barley and 15,000 acres of corn. “Like many immigrant families, the many branches of the Borchards came to Ventura County with little money, not speaking the language and working for...

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PLANET OXNARD | Celebrating beach access for the disabled

The 25th anniversary of Ed Hunt Rehab Point at Oxnard Beach Park was celebrated on July 9 with a picnic where hundreds gathered to honor the man responsible for inspiring a path that gives the disabled access to the beach. In 1988, Hunt became paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke at age 70. He always loved the beach, but was unable to visit his favorite place because of his physical condition. Thus, the Rehab Point Project was born. Today, the Rehab Point Project is a winding concrete path along the ocean, giving people...

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THE HEART AND SOUL OF COUNTRY | “First Lady of Country Soul” Petrella grooves in VC

“My ultimate goal is to make the genre of country soul a more popular form of music. I have seen people of all ages, races and genders dance and tell me how good this music makes them feel. Feedback from the audience is that they love the stories, can understand and relate to the lyrics and can really feel its beat.”  Those are the words of country music artist Petrella. Born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas, she has crisscrossed the nation from Los Angeles to Nashville, developing her unique blend of R&B, roots and gospel that has earned...

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