Author: Alicia Doyle

IT TAKES A VILLAGE | County Family Justice Center provides network for victims of domestic violence, abuse

When Danielle A. Fleisher was 24 weeks pregnant with her twin daughters, she was violently assaulted by their father while holding her 1-year-old daughter at the time. “The assault was so bad that it caused my twins to be born prematurely,” recalled Fleisher of Moorpark. “My twins are now developmentally delayed and receive in-home therapeutic services.” Today, Fleisher is the co-chair of a women’s survivor group called VOICES of Ventura County, which comprises survivors working together to bring awareness to the community and support to victims as they become survivors.  “The biggest misunderstanding is that domestic violence only happens within drug-related...

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LIFE CUT SHORT | Local homeless services still lacking in helping those in need

Sometime around mid-October, a 68-year-old homeless man died of congestive heart failure in his tent on the sand within eyeshot of the Ventura Harbor. A fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico before Hurricane Katrina hit, this man saved a woman’s life by tying her to the boat — and they both survived. The woman lost her home and everything she owned, and somehow, they made their way to Ventura, where he hoped he could find work as a fisherman. While the exact date he arrived in Ventura is unknown, locals who got to know him believe that he was...

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SOBER LIVING | Personal stories by locals who gave up drinking and why they did it

A drunk-driving accident or losing a loved one due to alcoholism can be a traumatic event that might force a drinker to give up alcohol for good. But in some cases, the simple desire for change is plenty for those who imbibe to kick the drinking habit permanently. For some individuals, the simple realization that their lives could be better without booze is enough. Lena DeMonte, for instance, celebrated her first day of sobriety on May 1 of 2010. The Camarillo resident was in her mid-50s at the time, and had been drinking since high school. “Only the last...

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ON THE BOOKSHELF | The Santa Corner

Believing that children are never too young to learn to be kind and mindful, a local author hopes to encourage this lesson with her debut children’s book, The Santa Corner, this holiday season. “Unlike other popular holiday books that encourage children to behave well to be put on Santa’s nice list, this story encourages good behavior to help others,” said author Jakie Rodriguez of Thousand Oaks. “The sooner they can learn the importance of helping others, the better our society will be.” The Santa Corner, published by Mascot Books, is primarily geared for children 4 to 8 years old....

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STRIVING TO HELP | Area nonprofits seek to improve the lives of vets, children and endangered wildlife

Helping others in need is a hallmark of the Thanksgiving season, giving local charities the opportunity to help many marginalized residents throughout Ventura County. This year, we are highlighting four special nonprofits that work year-round to make a difference, including an organization that strives to better the lives of veterans and their families, and an organization that specifically serves young homeless children. Read more about how these four nonprofits are making a positive impact in the Ventura County community — and beyond. Ventura County Military Collaborative Since its inception in 2011, the Ventura County Military Collaborative has helped the...

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