Author: Chris Jay

IN PRAISE OF PETER, PAUL AND MARY | Legendary trio’s lasting legacy

Peter, Paul and Mary are best known as being the most popular and commercially successful trio to emerge from the 1960s folk revival. While that’s true, it’s only one small part of the extraordinary lives and careers of Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers. Mary Travers passed away in 2009, but Peter and Paul still perform a few shows every year together to celebrate the trio’s legacy — including a show this weekend in Thousand Oaks. With both men soon turning 80 years old, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to see two American legends together at a...

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ABE, AARON AND SMOKEY | A uniquely American musical trio

If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on in these divisive times, it’s that Abraham Lincoln was The Man. In fact, when it comes to presidential politics, it’s possible that’s the only thing they can agree upon. Honest Abe ranks as one of the top three American presidents of all time in virtually every poll and study ever conducted. Beyond his tremendous accomplishments, including keeping a country together in the midst of a bloody civil war, abolishing the horror that was slavery and modernizing and strengthening a devastated economy, the log cabin-living lawyer could give one hell...

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BEST OF 2016 | Local music scene picks its favorites

If there’s one thing that musicians like to do more than make music, it’s talk about music. The Reporter caught up with several members of the Ventura County music scene to find out what their favorite show and favorite record of the year was. From the well known to the unknown, here’s what the scene was rocking out to in 2016. Pam Baumgardner, Favorite Show: Cirith Ungol at the Ventura Theater. “It was so great to see these guys get back together after 25 years, due to the overwhelming demand from new and old fans from around the...

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GOING DOWN SWINGING | Jive Aces headline Starlight Swing Night’s finale in Ventura

When swing music experienced its unexpected revival in the late 1990s, Ventura wasn’t just a hotbed — it was the epicenter of the movement. From being the hometown of one of the biggest bands in the genre, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, to having a popular dance night at a local venue, Nicholby’s, taught by a relatively famous dance troupe, the Flying Lindy Hoppers, Ventura was swingin’. Pun very much intended. The revival, though short-lived, had a massive cultural impact. Swing music and bands were featured prominently in television, commercials and film, most notably in The Mask and Swingers. Swing bands...

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A BOWL OF OUR OWN | Ojai venue is a music fan’s dream

If there was one subject that everyone who attended the inaugural Topa Topa Mountain Folk Festival in Ojai earlier this month was talking about, beyond the tremendous music and overall great vibe, it was the venue itself, Libbey Bowl. While outdoor bowl concerts are staples of the live music experience in California, Ventura County has long been devoid of such a venue that could handle a legitimate concert. More so, we’ve had to contest with the legendary Hollywood Bowl just south of us and the Santa Barbara Bowl to the north, which is generally considered one of the finer...

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