Author: Chris O'Neal

A JOURNALIST’S SCIENTIFIC METHOD | NPR science correspondent Joe Palca on bridging the gap between the public and science

Joe Palca joined National Public Radio in 1992 and since has covered a variety of topics as a science correspondent, from the immigration crisis to doughnut holes. One thing in particular bugged Palca about the way science and research were and are covered by the media, however; this bug gave rise to Palca’s project, Joe’s Big Idea and Friends of Joe’s Big Idea, the latter dedicated to the people behind the science and their methods, explained in a way that anyone can understand. “They sometimes get pigeonholed as experts and I wanted to turn them into real human beings,”...

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Over 1,000 area homes energy-efficient via HERO program Who needs a hero when you ARE one? At least, an environmental hero, as over 1,000 Ventura County homeowners have made environmentally friendly upgrades to their homes via the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program. PACE enables homeowners to make energy and efficiency improvements and to pay for them over time at a fixed interest rate through an additional line item on their property taxes. Since the program’s inception at the state level, and adoption in Ventura County in the cities of Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Fillmore,...

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FUEL FOR DEBATE | Statewide gas tax hike brings higher cost at the pump, local representatives comment

On Thursday, April 6, the California Assembly passed Senate Bill 1 by a 54-26 vote in an effort to raise $52 billion in taxes to repair roads, bridges and other infrastructure in the state. Earlier in the evening, the bill had passed through the Senate by a vote of 27-11. The proposal, should Gov. Jerry Brown sign it into law, would raise the funds over a 10-year period that will see a 43 percent increase in gas tax (rising incrementally to .12 cents per gallon by 2019) and an increase of 36 cents per gallon for diesel. Further, vehicle...

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MAYBE EVENT CITY? | Ventura City Council rejects higher event fees, for now; approves emergency shelter

Ventura City Council on Monday, April 10, voted 6-0 to create a stakeholders group to offer opinions on the best practices for hosting events within the city and asked city staff to rethink proposed insurance increases, comparing premiums and fees to neighboring cities, after promoters and event organizers expressed concern that they may need to leave, should costs continue to increase. The proposed insurance requirements included a three-tiered system that varied in the amount of coverage, averaging $2 million per occurrence (i.e., incident) and $4 million in aggregate (in total). Had the insurance requirements been adopted, premiums would have...

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Average apartment rent in Ventura up 9.1 percent Thinking of changing your living situation with, perhaps, a new rental in Ventura? No so fast, bargain hunter; affordability may be a thing of the past, as a new report shows a 9.1 percent increase in rents over last year. According to the report from, an apartment rental marketplace, while rents in large cities such as San Francisco, Miami and San Jose are either stabilizing or decreasing, rents in smaller cities, such as Ventura, are on the rise and have seen a sharp spike over the past three months. The...

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