Author: Chris O'Neal

WITH DIGNITY | CSUCI Professor to discuss California’s End of Life Option Act in Ojai

In 2016, California became one of just five states where a person can legally choose to end his or her own life, after the End of Life Option Act became law. Passed in 2015 during a special session of the California legislature, the act gives patients the ability to ask a physician for a special prescription with a singular, controversial purpose: to commit suicide due to terminal illness. The act has thus far produced 191 prescriptions, with 111 patients following through as of its first six months being on the books.   On Saturday, Oct. 21, in Ojai, California...

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Limón: Native American studies bill, launches contest Assembly Bill 738, authored by Assemblywoman Monique Limón, D-Santa Barbara, has been signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill provides for the development of a model curriculum in Native American studies for schools to integrate into lesson plans in grades 9 through 12. The model curriculum, designed with input from Native American tribes, is designed to educate students on the contributions of Native Americans to the state and country. California has the largest Native American population in the United States. “AB 738 is about communities telling their own stories that can be...

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IN BRIEF | Oct. 19, 2017

Oxnard the site of Amazon’s next headquarters? Move over, Seattle; Oxnard’s got Amazon’s number. In a bid to win the favor of the global online merchant’s quest to find a location for a second headquarters, the city of Oxnard has thrown its hat into the ring for consideration. On Wednesday, Oct. 4, City Manager Greg Nyhoff and Ventura County’s Deputy Executive Paul Stamper attended a “make-or-break” meeting in Sacramento at the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown. On offer from Oxnard through collaboration with Sakioka property owners: 4 million square feet of commercial space to accommodate 50,000 employees just off...

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NO DOG LEFT BEHIND | Grant available to county domestic shelters for victims to keep pets

In an emergency situation, people prioritize by importance when deciding which items to take with them: wallet, cellphone, documents. How about the family pet? For victims of domestic violence struggling with the decision to leave an abusive situation, whether or not a pet can come along could decide whether they stay or go. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Ventura County shelters have launched “Paint it Purple,” a global awareness campaign created by The Pixel Project that asks participants to wear purple and raise funds to bring attention to violence against women around the world. Locally, Interface Children...

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IN BRIEF | Oct. 12, 2017

Energy Commission to reject Oxnard’s Puente Power Plant The Energy Commission Committee of the California Energy Commission assigned to the Puente Power project released a statement on Thursday, Oct. 5, a rare occurrence to do so before an official meeting, relaying that the Commission will deny the proposed 262 megawatt plant proposed in Oxnard due to clean energy alternatives’ ability to supply power to the area. “It is clear to us that the Project will be inconsistent with several laws, ordinances, regulations or standards (LORS) and will create significant unmitigable environmental effects,” writes the committee in statement. “This, in...

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