Author: David Michael Courtland

QUALIFIED FOR RECALL ELECTION | Fourteen candidates prepare for short campaign season in Oxnard

Oxnard’s May 1 special election got competitive last week as 14 candidates qualified for the ballot after turning in the required 20 signatures. Voters will be asked to keep or recall Mayor Tim Flynn and City Councilmembers Carmen Ramirez, Oscar Madrigal and Bert Perello. Oxnard’s City Council recently scheduled the election after activist Aaron Starr successfully campaigned to put a recall on the ballot. The cost to the city to hold the election has been estimated to be at least $450,000, which will occur six months before the regular election.  This slideshow requires JavaScript. Hoping to take Flynn’s spot,...

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SETTING SPECIAL ELECTION DATE | Oxnard City Council members discuss recall

Oxnard’s City Council will decide, at its regular Tuesday, Jan. 23, meeting, when to hold an election that could remove four of its own members, thanks to a successful recall campaign by local activist and two-time former City Council candidate Aaron Starr. With help from volunteers, Starr got more than enough people to sign petitions to recall Mayor Tim Flynn and Councilmembers Bert Perello, Carmen Ramirez and Oscar Madrigal. On July 18 those four voted to raise wastewater rates effective Sept. 1. The only councilmember not targeted in the recall effort is Bryan MacDonald, who hesitated to support the...

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HOUSING SPECIAL NEEDS | Proposed complex in Oxnard divides neighbors and advocates

State appropriation of control over housing is preventing Oxnard officials from having any input into the approval of a Cypress Road apartment complex for people with special needs that has raised concerns in a South Oxnard neighborhood. “The state’s taken it all away from us,” said Oxnard City Councilman Bryan MacDonald. “Generally, if you’re a protected class, the state says we have no input.” MacDonald pointed to some bills that Gov. Jerry Brown signed in September, strengthening California’s Housing Accountability Act — sometimes called the “Anti-NIMBY (Not In My Backyard)” Act. “We’re powerless,” said MacDonald. “The sad thing is,...

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HELP FOR THE HOMELESS | Local orgs dedicated to providing basic services, hot meals

Ventura County’s winter warming shelter for the homeless will launch on Dec. 15 at the National Guard Armory in Ventura, county and municipal officials have decided. Homeless persons can enter the armory, located at 1270 Arundell St. in Ventura, at 6 p.m. each day. Local officials are talking with National Guard members about letting shelter residents stay later than 6 a.m., the time they have historically been forced to leave each day. “We anticipate obtaining funding commitments from the two cities and the county sufficient to remain open into early March of 2018,” said Oxnard Housing Director Arturo Casillas....

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POT ROUND UP | City council views polarized around the county

Fillmore’s City Council slammed the door on commercial marijuana growth at its Oct. 10 meeting, voting 4-1 to keep its pre-existing ban on medical marijuana businesses in place. “It will be an outright ban except what’s allowed by the state,” said City Manager David Rowlands. The council floated consideration of commercial growth last year when Fillmore residents approved two referendums in November allowing the maximum tax rates to be charged for commercial growth and sale of medical marijuana. But despite any economic incentive, the council “looked at it and decided it wasn’t something they wanted to enter into at...

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