Author: Emily Dodi

FROM PAGE TO STAGE | Lit Live brings classic literature to life for young audiences

It seems that lightning does strike more than once. In 2014, Lit Live, a local nonprofit theater company, won raves for its production of Dark Heart of Poe. The VCReporter named it the No. 1 Theater Production of the Year. Lit Live’s next flash of inspired theater is And Lightning Struck: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Creation by local playwright Robert Weibezahl. The play had its world premiere at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center on Feb. 9. Founded by Steven Hayes, Kaelia Franklin, Brenda Miller, Pat Lewis and Kristine Mikita, Lit Live is dedicated to bringing great...

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ON EXHIBIT | Love Letters Home at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

There’s just something about a letter. The anticipation. The intimacy. The permanence. Today words can fly at the speed of light and, while your words can outlive you on the Internet, the words you put to paper have the power to transcend time. That holds especially true for the words in a love letter. They can be grand or plain, poetic or hokey — but to the writer and the recipient, a love letter is more than just correspondence. For soldiers and sailors and their loved ones waiting back home, a love letter is a lifeline. Love Letters Home,...

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ON STAGE | Biloxi Blues at Conejo Players Theatre

Ventura has been enjoying some wintry weather, but inside the Conejo Players Theatre, “It’s hot . . . Africa hot.” That’s from a famous line in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues, now enjoying a wonderful production under the helm of Erin Fagundes. The year is 1943 and Eugene Jerome (Benjamin Glasner) and his fellow Army recruits are off to boot camp. They’ve left their homes behind and are headed for hostile parts unknown in Europe or the Pacific. But first they have to survive Biloxi, Mississippi, under the unwavering glare of the snarling Sgt. Toomey (the perfectly gruff Bryan White)....

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ON EXHIBIT | Protocols of the Cross and Collective Dissent at H Gallery and Studios

Visiting the H Gallery and Studios, formerly the Hud Gallery, on Main Street affords one the opportunity to see artists at work amidst their works. Witness them wrestling with the profound (like making art) or doing the mundane (like making a sandwich). Whatever the case, it’s a chance to step into the art world and feel right at home. The space’s open atmosphere invites visitors to wander, where they are very likely to meet the artists whose works they’re admiring. Wonder if there’s hidden meaning behind a painting, or wish you could reach out and touch a work of...

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VOICES IN HARMONY | The Village Voices Chorale ushers in the holidays with ’Tis the Season

They come from all over — Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Simi Valley, even the San Fernando Valley. They are teachers, students, nurses and retirees. Others are in business or real estate. Some make their living as professional musicians. What they have in common is their love of singing and their desire to share their passion with others. When they come together, they are one. They are the Village Voices Chorale, a group of men and women that is 70 voices strong. This holiday season, like every one since 1994, they will perform their eagerly awaited concert of festive holiday music...

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