Author: Emily Dodi

INNOVATION EN POINTE | The Ventura County Ballet Company dances to a different beat at NAMBA

“Ballet isn’t always tutus and fairytales,” says Kathleen Noblin, founder and executive director of Ventura County Ballet Company, and the founder and owner of Ballet Academy Ventura. Audiences will be able to see that firsthand at VCBC’s special fundraising event on April 22 at NAMBA Performing Arts Space in Ventura. The program will be decidedly different than the usual fare, with contemporary and innovative pieces designed to highlight the skill and beauty of the dancers. There will be a mix of professional dancers, including Ryan Camou and Leila Drake, who perform with the State Street Ballet in Santa Barbara,...

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ON STAGE | Two Lights at Elite Theatre Company

The world premiere of Two Lights by Brett Busang is onstage at the Elite Theatre Company in Oxnard. It is featured on the South Stage, an intimate annex where the theater often presents new works and readings. Produced and directed by Brandy Jones, Two Lights tells the story of a marriage at a crossroads and a woman on the edge. The setting is a beach cottage on Cape Cod, where Al (Jake Mailey) and his wife, Jen (Leslie “Vanessa” AnnRenee), are winding down another summer. Al is a famous artist who’s in a slump. Jen, an artist in her...

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ON EXHIBIT | Defying Darkness at the Carnegie Art Museum

There is a unique moment happening at the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard. Actually, there are many moments. There’s the moment when a snake defies gravity while feathers (belonging to its latest meal or maybe a lucky escapee?) fall through the air in “Silver Snake.” Then there’s the moment when glittery koi float in a sea of stars in “Ghost Fish.” Yet another is when a gloved hand eclipses the moon amidst a swirl of clouds in “Interference.” Defying Darkness: Selected Works by Joanne Julian features drawings that capture moments that challenge the viewer to contemplate opposites like light...

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ON STAGE | Women Playing Hamlet at Ojai Art Center Theater

To do or not to do, that is the question. In Women Playing Hamlet, now onstage at the Ojai Art Center Theater, an actress gets the chance of a lifetime, but she’s unprepared for the challenges that come with tackling the melancholy Dane. It isn’t just her acting chops she questions or Hamlet’s inherent personality quirks, but her own sense of self. In this comedy by William Missouri Downs, the Minnesota-born Jessica, played with great pluck by Cecily Hendricks, is cast to play Hamlet on the New York stage. It’s her chance to follow in the giant footsteps of...

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BY WOMEN, FOR EVERYONE | Women Bringing the World Together Through Music in Ventura

The spirit behind the Women’s March L.A. lives on in Ventura. On Friday, March 10, the First United Methodist Church of Ventura (FUMCV) will present Women Bringing the World Together Through Music, benefiting women and the musical arts. The free concert will celebrate female composers and feature local professional talent, including the church’s choir. Proceeds will go to the local charities Ventura County Rescue Mission, which serves the poor and the homeless, and Tender Life Maternity Home, which helps abandoned pregnant women and their children. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the church’s own music ministries...

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