Author: Emily Dodi

HOLIDAY SPARKLE ON STAGE | Ventura County shines in December with visions of Scrooges, nutcrackers and Klingons

You might regret indulging in the eggnog or letting loose at the office holiday party, but you’ll always be happy that you took in a live holiday performance. Theaters and other venues are filled to the rafters with the excitement and joy of the season, and there are ample opportunities to be swept up in the spirit. For many, the season wouldn’t be complete without The Nutcracker ballet, and there are several productions to choose from across Ventura County. The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza ( alone plays host to three, including The Conejo Civic Ballet (Fred Kavli Theatre,...

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DANCING HOME | Moorpark dancer performs in Thousand Oaks with MOMIX

Once upon a time in Moorpark, there was a little girl who loved to dance. Her mother was a professional dancer and teacher, so the girl watched and learned by her side. She dreamed of joining a dance company and traveling to faraway places. One day, this girl followed her dancing dream to the bright lights of stages all around the world. That girl was Rebecca Rasmussen, and now she is coming home as a member of MOMIX dance-illusionist troop to perform the highly acclaimed Opus Cactus at the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks on Friday, Nov. 17....

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ON STAGE | Blackbird at NAMBA Performing Arts Space

It’s not easy to review Blackbird — and that, right there, is an excellent reason to see it. The gripping production presented by Flying H Group Theatre Company and directed by Richard Kuhlman at NAMBA Performing Arts Space is another. The difficulty in writing about David Harrower’s drama lies in the fact that it doesn’t so much tackle a taboo as spar with it, play with it and peel it back, layer after layer, to reveal myriad colors that are anything but black and white. It would be easy to label this character the villain, this one the victim,...

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ON EXHIBIT | Femmes Photo Fest in Thousand Oaks

Christopher Broughton, director of Four Friends Gallery in Thousand Oaks, gives a tour of the gallery’s current exhibition, L’Optique Féminine, and stops in front of “In the Box” (1962), a photograph of a nude woman lying in a box. Broughton tells the story of when photographer Ruth Bernhard showed the photograph to some of her friends. They assumed the photograph had been taken by a male photographer and were outraged. In their eyes, it was an example of a woman being objectified by a male artist. When Bernhard told them that she had taken the photograph, they were shocked....

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ON STAGE | Ventura County Gilbert and Sullivan Repertoire Company’s Patience

Ventura County Gilbert and Sullivan Repertoire Company offers a pleasant respite from the worries of the world with its production of Patience, onstage at Theatre on the Hill in Thousand Oaks. While it evokes the past, the Gilbert and Sullivan musical manages to hold up a mirror to our current obsession with celebrity. Patience takes place during the Aesthetic Movement of the late 1800s, when art and literature favored the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing over realism. Artists, writers, poets and others pursued “art for art’s sake” in reaction to the strict, conservative morals of Victorian society. Aesthetes valued creative...

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