Author: Emily Savage

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Choir goes punk in Ventura

The raw, bloodied energy of punk rock and studied, upbeat precision of a capella choirs might not seem to blend well in theory — but local composer Evan Sponseller, 31, has a vision. “I grew up in Ventura playing guitar in punk rock and hardcore screamo bands. Then I went to college and studied music there and fell in love with classical music, specifically choral music,” he says. After studying at Ventura College and California Lutheran University, he worked at a church for a few years, overseeing the music, but there was a concept always in the back of...

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TWO-TONE MAGIC | Ska band The Selecter got the crowd moving at Discovery Ventura

The Selecter’s dynamic vocalists, Pauline Black and Arthur Hendrickson, kicked off the eight-piece two-tone ska band’s packed show at Discovery Ventura last Wednesday, Aug. 23, with a proclamation (imagine a lovely British accent for full effect): “Hello all you wonderful people of Ventura; we have come to give you a blessing of two-tone magic!” For those in need of a primer: Two-tone ska began in the late 1970s in the U.K. and featured a punk injection into the traditional elements of Jamaican ska. The most memorable bands of the era on the 2 Tone Records label were The Specials,...

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A SMALL FIX | Tiny houses could have big impact locally if they find a place to land

Douglas Messmer is an affable, joke-cracking 51-year-old retired Navy chief petty officer who lives in an 8-foot by 24-foot home he built himself. His tiny house, a.k.a. “Better Days,” has French doors, 11 windows and a spectacular circular porthole in the center that opens to sunshine and the fresh air. “I’m retired and just felt it was that time in my life to buy my first house,” says Messmer. “I came across tiny houses online and just really liked the idea of it, being able to build something of your own — and to be debt-free without mortgage payments.”...

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SANTA PAULA GETS THE GIGGLES | Laughter reigns at the Glen Tavern Inn’s new comedy showcase

A raucous, jovial crowd cackling to the delight of local and touring comedians — it’s Giggles comedy night at the Glen Tavern Inn and the place is packed. Most of the crowd is seated in rows of chairs, while a few scattered others mill about near the back, clinking beers. They range in age from 30-somethings to a notable 81-year-old local. And they seem to have come to let off some steam on a warm Friday night. Probably better-known for its ghost-filled history, thanks to the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures, the former speakeasy and Hollywood getaway is a...

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ROCKIN’ THE RANCH | Tiny Porch Concerts at the Peter Strauss Ranch

Picture this: It’s a warm summer evening in the Conejo Valley and you’re watching original live music performed by local and touring bluegrass, indie, and Americana acts in rustic surroundings under giant oak trees in an outdoor amphitheater. Oh, and the whole evening is free. Original live music in the Conejo Valley is precisely what business partners Janna Williams and Mike Corridori envisioned when they dreamed up the nonprofit Tiny Porch Concerts series, with the important added bonus of a partnership with the National Parks Service, Williams says. The five-concert series, now in its second year, will run monthly...

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