Author: Kathy Jean Schultz

VIRTUAL INSANITY | How web lies and social media validation are warping our lives

On Oct. 6, a 61-year-old man was arrested by Ventura police after he engaged in an online chat room with a 15-year-old girl. He had arranged to meet the girl, but when he arrived to do so, police met him instead. He was arrested, as he’d been chatting with a detective pretending to be the girl. This case is not rare in Ventura County. Getting into trouble or even danger because of deceptive Internet communication happens often. Virtual reality seen on websites can paint improbable visions that have no basis in real life. Sexual predators take advantage of that....

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FORGING A BIO-TECHNOLOGY HUB | Area pharmaceutical start-ups envision an “innovation cluster” to compete with Bay Area

Silicon Valley was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight around 1900, and was famous for exporting prunes and for its beautiful orchards. Inventors trickled in, including the developers of transistors, the predecessors of the computer processor. By 1956 they were making transistors out of a chemical called “silicon.” It was not only the valley’s name-changer, but its game-changer. The rest is history. Hoping to repeat that history, there is a push underway to build another valley — the Conejo Valley — into a biology-technology hub of medical and pharmaceutical research. “We’re still building critical mass. It’s grown a...

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KILLER BACTERIA | County experts get funding to find solutions to avert antibiotic crisis

Superbugs appear not only in science fiction. Last year a bacterial infection killed a Nevada woman because it was resistant to every antibiotic available in the U.S. Although not so long ago they were easily treatable, a number of infections are no longer curable by any antibiotics. Bacteria have figured out how to evade antibiotics that used to kill them. “New classes of antibiotics are urgently needed, as bacteria such as tuberculosis and MRSA (an antibiotic-resistant staph infection) are becoming resistant to everything we have available now,” said Dr. Katherine Hoffmann, a Cal Lutheran University professor of analytical chemistry....

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NOTHING LEFT UNSAID | Ending the stigma of prostate cancer

“I’ve never understood why men don’t talk about it. A couple of men I know who had prostate cancer, as far as them coming together — nobody talks about it. There are times men are bragging, you know, on this subject, but now it’s just total silence,” says “Joe” (not his real name) of Oxnard, who was 65 at the time of his prostate cancer diagnosis. Can a disease be healed if patients do not and will not talk about it? A prostate cancer diagnosis can fuel shame in a tough-guy culture that won’t talk about it. The prostate gland is...

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MEDICAL MARVELS | Along with new construction, advanced health care shines in area hospitals

Innovation is by definition full of surprises. Medical treatments once labeled “science fiction” are now common. The pace of breakthroughs finds modern medicine changing more rapidly than at any time in history. At Ventura County hospitals, technology is fueling novel treatments. Los Angeles hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai and UCLA medical centers, have in the past been the only options for state-of-the-art medicine, but many advances are now available locally. Technology transforms treatment The Ventura County Medical Center unveiled its all-new North Tower, on Hillmont Avenue, in June, and its planners’ visionary efforts are evident. New technology is good news for...

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