Author: Leslie Westbrook

IRISH EYES ARE DANCING | National touring company brings Irish song, music and dance to Thousand Oaks

The feast of St. Patrick is soon upon us. For some, it means a rowdy, beer-soaked celebration at the local pub. For the devout, it might include attending mass or service on March 17 — the date of the death of Ireland’s patron saint, who is generally regarded as having introduced Christianity to Ireland. Many plan to enjoy the Ventura Elks Lodge’s annual parade in downtown Ventura with the theme “Ventura Strong” this year. For those wanting to kick off the holiday and get into the St Paddy’s Day spirit a bit early, an Irish afternoon of song and...

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Million-dollar views at Soule Park

Soule Park Bar & Grill 1033 E. Ojai Ave., Ojai 646-5633 $5.25 – $23.95  A number of people I know who have lived in Ojai for years, and even decades, have never eaten at the Soule Park Bar and Grill. This under-the-radar, reasonably priced spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week has the best views in town. Yes, there’s a full bar — the first question asked of me by an Ojai couple who even have views of the Soule Park golf course, where this restaurant is located, from their living room. Located on the...

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MELODIC REMEDY | The Ventura Music Festival’s free concert brings healing and hope post-Thomas Fire

Music heals. There are scientific explanations, as well as just plain old human experience, to support this. And live music can not only mends hearts and souls, but it brings humans together and, hopefully, out of their virtual worlds. That’s exactly what’s on the docket for Ventura County on Sunday, Feb. 25, when the Ventura Music Festival’s Concert for Ventura will take place. “This offers a real chance to grieve and commiserate and come together to heal. Our lives flower in community and relationships,” noted Ventura Music Festival Artistic Director Nuvi Mehta. Mehta, who lives in San Diego and...

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QUIET STORM | Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra bring “slow music” to The Canyon

A five-time Grammy-nominated, German-born Zen monk and musician known for his flamenco-influenced music, is coming to Ventura County. Ottmar Liebert and his band Luna Negra will be performing at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Feb. 16. While there are hints of Spain’s influence in his melodies, Liebert’s soothing guitar sounds meander through a variety of unique paths and rhythms. It all began in 1990 with his Nouveau Flamenco album that went platinum. The description was pooh-poohed by flamenco artists and purists; Liebert has explained that he had to come up with a name and felt, at the...

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Sweet and savory delicacies in Oxnard

Xielo Artisan Desserts 212 W. Fourth St., Oxnard 240-1122 $1.50-$9 “Follow your noses,” I instructed my friends,” I am taking you someplace muy especial!” When one of my neighbors, who’d lived in California for over a decade, was picked up by ICE just before Christmas, it was bleakly obvious that his wife and two young sons, age 7 and 4, would not only need some financial help, but plenty of cheering up from time to time. So after our back-to-school, shoe shopping expedition in Oxnard, I told them I was going to take them to a small, but...

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