Author: Michael Sullivan

Letters | March 2017

Mobile home residents unheard Airing dirty laundry is not my style, but this issue cannot be resolved without public attention.   To my dismay, seniors are being abused by greedy mobile home park owners, and the city can do something about it and no public pressure can seem to change its reluctance to do so. The city, in its wisdom, established a rent control ordinance for mobile home parks back in 1981. In its preamble, its purpose states, “In the absence of legislative regulation, park owners have unbridled discretion and ability to exploit mobile home park tenants.” So this ordinance...

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Advice Goddess | March 16, 2017

Pleaser Burn My problem is that I’ll go on one or two dates with a girl and then get the whole “I just wanna be friends.” And they really mean that. They want me to do lunch and go shopping and talk on the phone about their guy problems. How can I nicely tell these girls, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but no, I’m not going to be your friend — and I especially don’t want to hear about your new guy”? I guess the problem boils down to the fact that I don’t want to make...

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Making a case for print news

Over the weekend, the Ventura County Star did a comprehensive three-part series on various aspects of public pensions, including city and county liabilities, safety and civilian employees, union representatives and tax reform advocates. All things obvious and maybe not so obvious were considered in the coverage by reporter Arlene Martinez and her editors. The most concerning, unfunded liabilities are due to increase exponentially over the next five fiscal years and contractual obligations will force public entities to take the money, amounting to tens of millions of dollars across the county, from somewhere, if and when stock market investments fall...

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VUSD and the Brown Act

Over the last week, Ventura Unified School District teachers and parents have raised their concerns over the recent firing of 20-month Superintendent Michael Babb, Ed.D., a surprise to many who thought Babb was on a similar path of a years-long tenure as his 14-year predecessor Trudy Arriaga. Without much ado as well as “without cause,” according to board district president Velma Lomax, Babb was let go, though he had been told to work on his communication and leadership skills prior to his firing. This decision comes on the heels of two controversial incidents in the district, one where two water...

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Hollywood’s vanity

There are three things we can expect in life: death, taxes and Oscar night political rants. Jimmy Kimmel’s less-than-heartfelt attempt to unite us, the call by the Moonlight team to all those who feel disenfranchised, and even the Best Foreign Film director not showing up to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban all revealed how the Hollywood community feels about how important they are. The real issue isn’t that the artistic community is being political as much as it is the nature of how they choose to play victim in high-priced clothing. Jimmy Kimmel gave a half-arsed monologue about...

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