Author: Michael Sullivan

Teaching history accurately

UPDATED at end to reflect the signing of Assemblywoman Monique Limon’s law integrating Native American history studies into high school curriculum: Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, commissioned by Spain, may be considered a hero by European immigrants, looking for a new world of hope and possibilities, but there is no denying the misery his “discovery” of the Americas brought to the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Columbus Day, officially designated in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and now recognized the second Monday of October (Columbus landed in North America on Oct. 12, 1492) is not unique to the...

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Slow down to savor the flavor in Ventura

Café Zack 1095 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura 643-9445 or $31-60 On the corner of Thompson Boulevard and Ann Street sits a longtime local favorite. Café Zack is the epitome of fine dining: quaint, cozy interior; personal service; candlelight by night and a warm, romantic atmosphere. After decades in the business, this lovely cafe hasn’t lost its winning ways, in either ambience or cuisine. From the moment you spy the large trademark “Z” on the sign, you’ll know you’re a far cry from a glitzy, contemporary establishment. Café Zack is in a converted 1930s bungalow, beautifully maintained to keep...

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OPEN AND HONEST | A conversation with a local survivor of Route 91 Harvest Festival

Scott “Scooter” Krupp, 54, of Ojai has lived in Ventura County since 1981. Krupp established Extreme Marine as an aquarium service company in 1991 and opened a pet-fish store on Palma Drive in Ventura 11 years ago, the only noncorporate fish store in West County. Krupp admits he is a busy guy, juggling his store and hosting trivia night at local bars for 12 years. But he does make time for fun. For the last several years, he said, his friends had “bragged” about the good times they had had at the Route 91 Harvest Festival; and when they...

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Right time to talk?

Monday, Oct. 2, was one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. And I’ve fought cancer, lost friends to it while I beat it, and taken certain journeys in life that have led to dire hardships. But still, the day of and the day after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history will not rest easily on my mind or anyone else’s, really, for that matter, at least not anytime soon. While very few agree about how to talk about mass shootings — correct questions to ask, the proper thoughts to process, the appropriate pictures to share and, most...

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