Author: Michael Sullivan

The power of one

The 2016 election was truly a dynamic one, not just on the national level, but also boiling down to local government. The theme: the power of one. While we have seen one man change the national conversation on politics, forever altering the way we see our democracy and redefining the terms of freedom and its inherent costs, we have also seen one federal judge at a time halt the presidential executive orders, including two travel bans and the effort to prevent federal funding of so-called sanctuary cities. We have also seen the one man (former National Security Adviser Mike...

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Dead on arrival 

Republicans love tax cuts for the rich to the point that they would kill for them.  The Affordable Health Care Act (better known as the ACA or Obamacare) has an “individual mandate” to force people to buy insurance. This produces larger underwriting pools to spread risk better. Bogus policies are banned. Simply put, insurance companies are forced to issue policies that actually insure people.  Keep in mind, Obamacare was originally a Republican idea, originated by the conservative Heritage Foundation. So were Republicans overjoyed when Obamacare was passed? Not a bit. They did everything possible to obstruct it. They passed...

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Letters | April 2017

Down with the dirt In response to your editorial about the world pollution of this planet (Dirty energy is not the future, March 29) — as most nature-loving Californians, yes, we do enjoy ocean air. Unfortunately, it’s running out. Personally, anyone who has lived in California all their lives knows all this pansy sugar-coated attempt at environmental protection is a farce. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to visibly see what global warming is capable of doing. I have photo-documented and seen severe blatant and devastating pollution (much of which is still there) in sump dumps of our nearby...

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FEED YOUR CRAVINGS | Dining by cuisine 2017

To add your restaurant and/or your favorites in Ventura County that are not listed, email, subject DINING LISTINGS, and include cuisine type, name, address, phone number, website and a sentence or two summarizing the offerings.  American 805 Bar and Grilled Cheese 1575 Spinnaker Drive Ventura 642-9463 Located in the Ventura Harbor, the Bar and Grill serves gourmet grilled cheeses and has a vast wine list with exquisite bottles from around the world. There is large selection of beers and ales (domestic, imported and local), both on tap and bottled. There’s live music on weekends. A-Burger 155 S....

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