Author: Michael Sullivan

Beyond gun control and elections

On Wednesday, March 15, students across the nation marched out of classrooms in unison for 17 minutes, representing the 17 people killed during a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14. At Ventura High School, 500 students walked the perimeter of the high school and ended at the football field, where a few student speakers spoke about living in a time when mass shootings have become common place. Heads fell for a moment of silence after the 17 names were read aloud, followed by a call to get registered to vote. And...

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ADVICE GODDESS | March 22, 2018

Flee-Bitten For three months, things were going really well with this man I was dating. He’d introduced me to his daughter. We’d even planned a trip together. And then he just disappeared. I eventually texted him to find out what happened, but he simply texted back, “Really busy, all good.” This isn’t the first time this has happened to me or my girlfriends. Why do men do this? Why don’t they tell you what’s really going on? — Upset When a guy just cuts you off like a bad tree limb, it’s tempting to come up with ego-cushioning explanations:...

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NEVER TOO LATE TO GRADUATE | New program available via the county library boosts the high school completion rate

Tammy Marquez, 52, of Oxnard, a single mother of four, has seemed to have a bit of good luck most of her life, at least when it came to working without a high school diploma. Though she dropped out of high school her junior year at Chatsworth High School after getting pregnant, she was able to manage pretty well the next 30-plus years of her life. It wasn’t until her position doing wine club sales, where she worked for six years, was no longer available and she didn’t get one particular job because she lacked a high school diploma,...

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Conserving nothing

Purely as a silly question, what exactly do conservatives “conserve?” We can rule out jobs. Abysmally negotiated free trade has cost America millions of jobs, vanishing with a “giant sucking sound” (Ross Perot). Who did the negotiating? Conservatives. Labor unions were shut out. America’s billionaires realized that they had more in common with China’s billionaires than with America’s workers. The resulting cheap imports made conservatives very rich. Workers got thrown under the bus. Low prices come at a high cost. Millions of unemployed workers are now addicted to opioids. Millions are homeless. Low prices benefit consumers, certainly, but have...

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ADVICE GODDESS | March 15, 2018

Remaining Chased I have a history of terrible relationships that end in awful heartbreak. The advice I keep getting is to date down — get together with a man who is less attractive than I am and who likes me a little more than I like him. I was kind of into the idea of equality on all levels, but maybe I’m wrong. — Rethinking Woman After you’ve had your heart broken, it’s tempting to opt for romantic safety measures. For example, a garden gnome could be an ideal partner — because few women will fight you for your...

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