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Planet Ventura

At the end of the day on Wednesday, Jon carries his surf board back to his truck after a long day of surfing in Ventura. — Guy W....

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Get ready for your date with E.T!

Get ready for your date with E.T! The Dec. 1 VC Reporter editorial compared \\\”one\\\’s chance of being irreparably damaged by secondhand smoke\\\”[in the open air] with the \\\”likelihood of being asked out on a date by E.T.\\\” Well, Reporter staff, get ready for your date. Had you done your homework, you would have found out that secondhand tobacco smoke is the number three preventable cause of death in the U.S. and is well on its way to being named by the California Environmental Protection Agency\\\’s Air Resources Board as a Toxic Air Contaminant outdoors. The ARB\\\’s lengthy review process follows in-the-field scientific measurements that showed secondhand smoke could not reliably be counted on to move away from its point of origin, and its toxic products may indeed remain in the immediate area for 24 to 48 hours or more. Also in the CalEPA report (found at are the wide range of conditions caused, or most probably caused, by secondhand tobacco smoke (known scientifically as environmental tobacco smoke). Secondhand smoke causes a long list of acute and chronic conditions — not just lung cancer. For example, short-term conditions known to be caused by secondhand smoke are asthma episodes, acute bronchitis, and nasal and eye irritation. And secondhand smoke, being one of the most toxic substances around (containing more than 400 poisons and more than 40 carcinogens), cannot be...

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Chk Chk Chk

A !!! show is a hot, sweaty, unhinged freak fest, to which there are only three official rules: “Don’t kick anybody in the face, don’t get each other pregnant and try not to pee your pants,” drummer John Pugh told the crowd at the sold-out El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Dec. 10. Fair enough. Honestly, though, it was difficult to obey even those simple caveats as the seven-piece ensemble — whose name is commonly pronounced “Chk Chk Chk,” although any trio of repeated monosyllabic words can be applied — pumped its way through a set that, disappointingly, barely broke the one-hour mark. Bred in the indie rock scene but aspiring to a deeper kind of funkiness than their dance-punk peers, the Sacramento-based septet don’t get their knowledge of groove from second-hand sources like Gang of Four and Public Image Ltd. They go straight to the masters — namely, groups like Chic and Zapp. As a result, !!!’s sound is smoother than it is angular, more like a hardcore dance band with punk leanings than vice-versa. It’s sonically violent enough to elicit moshing, but throbs with enough underlying sexual force to prompt rampant impregnation. And considering that their mantra is “Everybody cut loose,” controlling one’s bladder while they’re playing almost goes against the nature of the music. Loosening inhibitions wasn’t much of a problem at this show, neither...

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Funny can’t buy you love

Funny can’t buy you love I’m a 23-year-old guy, just out of college. I dated a lot in school and found it easy to meet girls in class or through friends. Now I’m going out more than ever, but having the hardest time even breaking the ice. I know women say they value a guy with a sense of humor. Should I memorize some jokes or funny lines? I read an article that suggested teasing a girl by pretending you have a point system, meaning whenever she does something you can bust her on, you say, “You just lost a point!” so she thinks she has to work to date you. Does stuff like that actually get you anywhere? — A Man In Need Of A Plan Canned pickup lines are the cheap toupee of humor. Sure, they’ll get a woman’s attention, and maybe even make her laugh — same as she will if your head reminds her of a freeze-frame of somebody being attacked by a ferret. The guy who tosses cheesy lines around — “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” —is the warm-up act for the guy who talks to women like a human. A study of which openers work best, by UK researchers Christopher Bale and Rory Morrison, distinguishes wit (spontaneous jokes that fit the context exactly, are genuinely funny and require intelligence) from...

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