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Alpine 1954 Goodyear Ave., Ventura, 650-1213. Thu.: Tenebre, G105, Soundtrack Symphony, Holy Diver, 7 p.m. Fri.: Annihilation Time, Charman, Future Primitive, 7 p.m. Tue.: Adolescents, Narcoleptic Youth, Time Again, 7 p.m. Andy’s Seafood 550 E. Surfside Dr., Port Hueneme, 488-9533. Thu.: Steve Hill, 5 p.m. Billy O’s 2819 E. Main St., Ventura, 652-0327. Thu. & Fri.: Karaoke hosted by Richard Burns, 9 p.m. Sat.: The Mid-town Revival featuring DJ Bliss Sun.: Service Industry Night Tue.: Scene Dream featuring Andrew Jackson Jihad, Vision of a Dying World, Novi Split, 11 p.m. Wed.: Wax Wednesdays, 9 p.m. Bombay Bar & Grill 143 S. California St., Ventura, 643-4404. Thu.: Mini Driver Fri.: Joey Peate, 5:30 p.m., Hindsite w/ DJ SIN’RG (Up Front), DJ PJ (Club Oasis) Sat.: Bombay’s Huge New Year’s Eve Bash Sun.: 3’s A Crowd, 5 p.m. Mon.-Wed.: Kool Karaoke w/ Leigh Balton, 9 p.m. The Canyon 28912 Roadside Dr., Agoura, (818) 879-5016. Thu.: Buckcherry Fri. & Sat.: REO Speedwagon Capistrano’s 2101 Mandalay Beach Rd., Oxnard, 984-2500 ext. 569/984-4269. Fri. & Sat.: Indigo Chip, 8:30 p.m. Champs Sports Bar & Grill 1900 Victoria Ave., Oxnard, 984-8015. Fri.: Stumbleweeds, 9 p.m. Sat.: Road Dogs, 9 p.m. Wed.: Karaoke, 7 p.m. City Nights 2258 Pickwick Drive, Camarillo, 384-9049. Thu. & Fri.: DJ Wicked Sat.: Club Casanova Deer Lodge 2261 Maricopa Hwy., Ojai, 646-4256. Sat.: Jimmy Legs DJ’s Pub & Sports Bar 1091...

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Merry holidays

Most Americans, raised in households with even slight Christian leanings, grew up saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone. We invited our Jewish friends to our Christmas parties when we were in elementary school, parties at which we paraded around the block singing Christmas carols about baby Jesus to unsuspecting neighbors. To most of us it’s embarrassing in retrospect and we’re glad some of those friends still speak to us. I am happy to say that I traded in my “Merry Christmas” ways for “Happy holidays” years ago. And now, when I have parties towards the end of December, I leave Jesus out of them. I have a hard time understanding the people who cling so tightly to “Merry Christmas.” It’s odd because these are generally the people who are so filled with the holiday spirit that they’re virtually overflowing. But as they shout “Merry Christmas!” to every passerby, they simultaneously seem to be shouting, “Being sensitive to other people who are like me, but maybe unlike me in a few ways, just gets to be so unbelievably tedious!” No one is trying to outlaw Christmas. No one is ordering anyone to stop telling their family members “Merry Christmas,” or to stop singing Christmas carols around the piano; some are just simply suggesting that, if you pass a person on the street and it’s impossible to tell by what they’re wearing...

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Holiday thoughts

Holiday thoughts Oh, the holidays! A time of peaceful family togetherness, cookie-baking that goes deep into the night, and fresh fallen snow. Wait, snow? This is California we’re talking about, not Winter Wonderland. Oh, the holidays! A time where throngs of people stampede though Target, searching for “the perfect gift.” A time when we chop down trees so we can decorate them with ornaments (made from petroleum, I’m sure). But you can’t really avoid Christmas — or can you? I suppose if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can skip the tree, but you can’t avoid the hustle and bustle that goes on as everyone gets ready to host relatives that drink too much egg nog, and then break into “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer.” You can’t send away Aunt Mildred, or her fruitcake. And you certainly can’t abstain from gift-giving, unless you want to be mauled by greedy kids. So you need presents. You’ll just go to the mall, right? Because you so love supporting corporate America while losing brain cells from heavy fluorescent lighting? Because Ventura doesn’t have a plethora of unique, independently owned shops that need your support? And because you don’t know how to knit? Okay. Maybe you don’t know how to knit; I won’t hold it against you. But knitting or not, this year, please shop smart. Shop consciously; put your money where...

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Playing with dolls

If Morrissey, the Sex Pistols and Poison ever got trapped in an elevator together, the one thing they could all talk about before clawing each other’s eyes out is the New York Dolls. That’s the scope of the glam-garage icons’ influence: They inspired the “anybody can do this” spirit that fueled the punk explosion a year or so after they broke up; gave sexually ambiguous Mancunians an outlet for their confusion; and, for better or worse, showed every hair metal band of the following decade that you can still get tons of chicks while wearing makeup and gallons of Aquanet. All Dolled Up stitches a 90-minute documentary together out of nearly 40 hours worth of footage shot by famed rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife on a primitive home video camera over the course of three years in the early 1970s. Its title isn’t just a cute pun: half of the Dolls’ revolution was their transgender fashion sense, and the film derives a lot of its watchability from awaiting what ridiculous combination of clothes the band will come up with in the next scene. Oversized sunglasses, glittery jackets, leather shirts, giant novelty bowties, platform shoes, top hats — if it was garish enough to freak people out, it made it into their wardrobe. At the Whisky-A-Go-Go, singer David Johansen performs as a bisexual cowboy–long before Brokeback Mountain, mind...

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My party disaster

I made a goal to lose weight, but the holiday party I went to last week set me back. I splurged on junk food. How do I make up for this splurge? — Diane H., Ventura Congratulations on your efforts. First thing’s first: No one is perfect. What’s important is that you re-focus your energy and continue moving toward your weight loss and lifestyle goals. What I recommend is that you learn from this experience. The next time you go to a holiday party, eat prior to attending. Showing up for an event that is plagued with unhealthy treats can be a disaster. And if you’re going to have alcohol, choose red wine because it’s low in calories and comes with some health benefits. To make up for this splurge, forgive yourself if you feel it was wrong and move forward. The past is the past and thinking about what you coulda, shoulda and woulda done is not how you evolve with your lifestyle. Whenever you are going to an event, including holiday parties, ceremonies and receptions, to name a few, plan … plan … and plan as much as you can so that you do not find yourself in a situation where the only options are unhealthy. The fat is coming back I have been on a low-carbohydrate (carb) diet for about six months and I am concerned...

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