Gallegly a good guy

Elton Gallegly is not only a friend, he serves me proudly as my representative in Congress!

As to his vote on the recent G.I. Bill, he was forced to veto it due to the endless unrelated pork barrel items the Democrats loaded onto this bill! These added items mounted up to billions of our tax dollars, and had nothing to do with helping our G.I.s!

Elton has always been supportive of our G.I.s, such as better weapon systems, more protective gear, better pay, better veteran health facilities, etc. He was also instrumental in saving our naval base here in Ventura County from closure. He even brought state-of-the-art systems here.

Being a veteran myself, I have followed Congressman Gallegly’s record closely on related issues and will again be voting for him come November.  I know other veterans will likewise be voting for Congressman Elton Gallegly due to his vigilant support of our troops and past servicemen for our country.

Harold A. Goldstein

U.S. Air Force

Simi Valley

I was privileged to sit next to former Congressman Robert Lagomarsino at a fundraiser for State Sen. Tom McClintock recently. I candidly asked him what was Congressman Elton Gallegly’s strongest asset. Without batting an eyelid, he replied, “His seniority. After 22 years in Congress he can get anything accomplished for his District.”

The reason Port Hueneme and Point Mugu Naval Bases were not cut in the base closures was because of Elton Gallegly. He fought arduously for them to remain open providing hundreds of jobs for the people of Ventura. He is also responsible for the C-130s remaining at our Naval Base, thereby being able to fight fires in our area.

My personal experience was a misunderstanding which left me on a suspicious list for airports. I was unable to check my bags at curbside. It was ironic since I’m the mother of a airline captain of a major airline, a retired teacher, and married to a retired senior naval officer, hence pretty inocuous. I wrote Congressman Gallegly and asked if he would intercede for me with the FAA.  My next flight, I passed through security with no problem and was able to once again do curbside checking.

Please help me keep this wonderful congressman in office to continue working for us.

Lois D. Glab,


Oprah should stay vegan

he queen of daytime television Oprah Winfrey has decided to go vegan for 21 days, and she invites her viewers to join her. Her Web site provides a helpful menu, recipes and opportunity for comments at

Oprah’s stated reason: “How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?” As an added benefit, she expects to cleanse her body of the saturated fat, cholesterol, pesticides, antibiotics and pathogens contained in animal products.

I hope that Oprah’s experience leads her to continue a vegan diet for life, and I invite your readers to take her 21-day challenge and discover the benefits for themselves!

Vince Helferich,