Going Places

It’s the British Invasion in reverse this fall as a cluster of locals prepare to represent the 805 overseas. VCReporter favorite Massenger is headed to Europe this month with plans to visit Germany, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Belgium. Bon Voyage! No///se is also looking to head across the pond in September in addition to preparing a new 7-inch and a limited number of cassettes. Singer-songwriter Jade Hendrix has announced her very first tour, which will be to, you guessed it, the United Kingdom in September. Don’t forget to bring us royal baby souvenirs, Jade. Die Evil Die isn’t going to Europe just yet, but the band will be performing at the Wilmore 9 Film, Music and Art Festival in Long Beach this weekend. The Pullmen will be showing folks in the East why the West is best when they hit the road with Donavon Frankenreiter to entertain the privileged audiences of the Hamptons this month.


The Steve Zissou Award goes to Joel Bennett of Mainsail for his new project, Black Sails. The debut release, Fathoms, is “an electronic album conceptualized as an audio deep-sea dive.”  It’s available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other large online retailers. After a fairly substantial promotional push for Nardstock (the Nardcore festival scheduled for Aug. 17 at the Ventura Theater) event organizer and Oxnard luminary (wink) Jeff Hershey was issued a cease and desist order by attorneys for Woodstock Ventures, demanding he “permanently refrain from all further use of the mark “NARDSTOCK,” the Dove & Guitar Logo, or any variations . . ..” Hershey immediately complied by changing the event name to Nardfest and using the Nardcore logo. The show will go on! (Stay tuned for an oral history of Nardcore in an upcoming issue of VCReporter.) Longtime Ventura Theater matriarch Loanne Wullaert wowed friends and family last week with a solo stage production that showcased her stunning vocal talent. Who knew?

 Getting Reel 

Having taken a short hiatus from the stage to focus on other aspects of band life, We Govern We will celebrate the completion of its video for “Mulligan’s Island” later this month. Directed by Jeff Palmer —who, unfortunately, is leaving Ventura County for Boston — much of it was filmed in bassist Adrian Burke’s backyard. The band will screen the video at Zoey’s on Aug. 17. The artistic revelry will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. WGE vocalist Anna Karakalos, an accomplished visual artist, is also working on a stop-motion video for the song “Red Rover.” The band plans to release a new EP in the fall. In what was an 11th hour crowd funding rally, filmmaker and photographer Angela Izzo made her $8,000 goal with promises not to disappoint contributors as she works toward completing her documentary “Beyond Local.” She will celebrate with a show at Zoey’s on Aug. 3 featuring live performances by Wooden Nomad, Suburban Moms, The Flytraps, Passengers of Rapture and Beach Buzz.

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