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Pictured: Zoe Appleby, 24 and Nicki Mayes, 22, are both members of Heritage Valley Young Professionals and are originally from Santa Paula. 

by Kimberly Rivers

On May 1 visitors to the sunny town of Santa Paula may have seen pairs, teams and troupes of residents in blue shirts carrying paint brushes and buckets throughout town to spruce up and clean areas that needed a little attention. 

Organized by the city’s Parks and Recreation Office in partnership with the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Valley Young Professionals group, over 300 volunteers spread out across town for a day of painting, fixing and otherwise giving the town some tender loving care. 

The city has set up various volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through a program called Santa Paula Proud. Opportunities to build community through volunteering include teaching classes, maintaining a portion of the bike trail, delivering food to seniors and a citizen’s patrol through the police department. 

Details and forms are online at: www.spcity.org/449/Volunteer-Program