March 4, 2021

Wear a mask, keep your distance

Recently I was at the grocery store picking out some things from a display. To the right of me was a sign reminding everyone about social distancing. A woman walked up to where I was, and was no more than two feet away from me. I didn’t feel a need to be rude, so I just said “How about this social distancing thing?” I figured she would have gotten the hint, but she didn’t. She said to me “As long as my nose and mouth are covered, I’m good.” At that point, I got so mad, I told her “Well, I’M not, so back off.” 

That said, I’m so fed up with hearing on the news that people refuse to wear masks, and still are integrating themselves in public, like trying to go grocery shopping. I hear people “claim” that they cannot wear masks because of a medical condition. The only medical condition I will accept is that they are the dumbest people to walk the earth. Because of this, and those dumb enough going to underground parties, family gatherings and such, are the reasons why there isn’t any room in the hospitals. Because of your selfish ways, I won’t be able to go to the hospital to get a breathing treatment should I have an asthma attack. Because of your thoughtless choices, a family member of mine with a heart condition won’t be getting the life-saving treatment he needs, should anything happen. 

Wake the hell up people, and stop thinking about yourselves, and keep your distance. If you’re not going to be respectful about social distancing, and be less than six feet away from me, I will not be respectful how I tell you to back off. In fact, it will be rude. I have every right to protect myself from any threat or harm, and won’t hesitate to do so. Wise up now or pay the price later. But by then, it will be too late.